Heat retention covers for public pools

Installing isothermal covers over the surface of pools is the best solution to reduce the maintenance costs of swimming centers.

Public swimming pools consume large amounts of energy. This is well-known to operators or owners, as they are compelled to spend tens of thousands of euros annually on heating the pools. That’s why using isothermal covers for public pools, like those from Favaretti Group, along with corresponding cover reels for public pools can make a real difference.

How to choose Favaretti's heat retention covers for swimming facilities

Both public and private pools lose heat in many ways: evaporation is by far the main cause. In fact, compared to other factors, evaporation contributes the most to heat loss. The reason evaporation has such a significant impact is that it requires vast amounts of energy: according to EERE data, it takes 0.001163 kW/h to raise the temperature of one liter of water by 1°C, while each liter of water at 27°C that evaporates wastes 1.218 kWh of energy.

In outdoor pools, the rate of evaporation varies depending on several factors: water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and wind speed. Even temperature fluctuations cause a drastic drop in water temperature and its evaporation. Therefore, a pool cover like those from Favaretti Group, capable of insulating the pools from the outside, addresses this issue effectively.

Models of isothermal covers for public pools

Thus, isothermal covers for public pools are essential tools to prevent a significant phenomenon like evaporation. To ensure these benefits, a cover must be made from durable and insulating materials, capable of retaining the accumulated heat. Moreover, it's crucial that the cover is customizable in size and shape to cover 100% of the pool's surface.



Cover copertura a bolle per piscina pubblica | Favaretti Group

Bubble covers for public pools

For medium-small pools and in the absence of floating lanes, air bubble isothermal covers for public pools are the best choice.

Cover copertura isotermica a schiuma multistrato | Favaretti Group

Multi-layer foam isothermal covers for public pools

The result of constant study and ongoing research, multi-layer foam isothermal covers for public pools are the ultimate in terms of protection and insulation.

Advantages of isothermal covers for swimming facilities

An isothermal cover allows for total prevention of evaporation and, consequently, less heat loss. This means that the pool remains at a comfortable temperature with correct water levels without requiring external intervention.
Although indoor pools aren’t exposed to winds that carry heat away, they require the installation of ventilation chambers for internal humidity control resulting from evaporation. Without these, numerous problems can arise, including the formation of condensation on cold surfaces, which irreparably damages structural components.