Pool cover reel for public swimming pools

Favaretti Group's range of pool cover reels perfectly meet all aesthetic and technical requirements demanded by swimming facilities, seamlessly fitting into any setting.

Having a swimming facility where families and groups of friends can go to cool off or train is an investment. The cleaning and maintenance of the pools are among the most significant costs an entrepreneur faces. That's why Favaretti Group offers pool covers and reels, designed to meet the needs of every type of swimming facility, tailored to its size and workload requirements.

Pool cover reel: why choose Favaretti

All models of pool cover reels are designed in consultation with clients to find the best solution for the size and shape of the pools and the type of pool cover used.

Using a pool cover reel is also a matter of safety: the cover is laid out or retracted without direct handling and, most importantly, flawlessly, ensuring it performs its intended function optimally.

Models of pool cover reel

Several factors can influence the choice of one pool cover reel model over another. Options include manual or motorized, mobile or fixed, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or even installed under the pool floor.

Cover SERIE CUSTOM LINE - Rulli avvolgitori a scomparsa | Favaretti Group

Retractable pool cover reels for public pools

The PAZ-PANCA and PAZ-FLOOR models are perfectly integrated and completely retractable solutions.

Cover SERIE STP - Avvolgitori fissi | Favaretti Group

Fixed pool cover reels for public pools

Favaretti Group's STP line of pool cover reels: motorized and designed to minimize space in the pool area, they are mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Cover rulli avvolgitori piscine grandi dimensioni serie CF | Favaretti Group

Mobile pool cover reels for public pools

For small or medium-sized pools, the recommended product is CF.

Cover SERIE MNR - Avvolgitori mobili piscine medio/grandi | Favaretti Group

Mobile pool cover reels for large pools

The reel is not just a tool to facilitate opening and closing of the pool, but if properly designed, it can solve typical space issues in the pool area.

Pool cover reel for public pools for aesthetics and safety

Favaretti Group has developed various models of pool cover reels, each equipped with unique accessories and features.

Among these, the retractable pool cover reels are probably the most distinctive. The ability for these to disappear completely, going unnoticed, offers two main advantages: the cover is preserved in a safe compartment, out of reach of those frequenting the swimming facility, and space is saved in the area, enhancing its aesthetics. This point is especially valid when the reel is stored under the walkable surface, and the hatch is covered with the same flooring.