Tensile structures for industry and goods’ storage

We satisfy every dimensional need in any business sector


The industrial tensile structures proposed by Favaretti allow various application solutions and are able to satisfy any organisational and aesthetic need. They are ideal for the creation of covered areas used for loading/unloading goods, storage and processing of materials.

Tensostrutture industriali e stoccaggio merci | Favaretti Group
Tensostrutture industriali | Favaretti Group

Our industrial tensile structures are custom-made in accordance with the needs of the customer as well as in compliance with the high quality and safety standards imposed by current regulations. The absence of design constraints allows us to meet the needs of each company in the development of its business and to create both fixed and retractable structures of any size and shape. Constant attention to design as well as the use of top-quality materials have allowed Favaretti Group to create tensile structures that are as solid as classic masonry structures, as they are certified and guaranteed to withstand snow, wind, and earthquake loads.

Our structures are CE marked according to EN 1090-1 and as recalled by NTC 2018 AND D.LGS 106/2017 in compliance with EU Regulation N° 305/2011.


Free light design

to maximize storage capacity

luminosita naturale

Natural brightness

for greater energy savings



the structures can be relocated

Available options


Insulated rigid panels

Not only PVC textile roofing membrane: sandwich panel coatings are also available. Excellent in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, they make the structure an optimal place to store and work. Real industrial halls that, compared to traditional concrete halls, require less investment and take much less time.


Entrance gate

Equip your structure with a custom-made entrance. Choose among the countless available options: rigid panels, vertical opening, motorized with sensors or manual. Entrance sizes are available upon request to accomodate even heavy vehicles.

anti condensa

Anti-condensation false ceiling

Protect your machinery and equipment from damage caused by humidity. By installing a second internal membrane like a false ceiling you can drastically reduce condensation and improve the overall internal habitability of your warehouse. The constant gap will help reduce heat dissipation in the winter and can help maintain a cooler temperature in the summer.


Light anchorage

Avoid burdensome construction work (cement plinths or borders) and anchor your structure directly to the ground with specially designed drills. A rapid installation, reduced assembling costs and less bureaucratic formalities are just some of the benefits provided by a light anchorage.

Structure features

  • Excellent corrosion resistance with hot-dip galvanisation treatment

  • Quick installation and light foundations

  • Long-lasting textile membrane

  • Structures realised in compliance with current regulations

  • Excellent fire resistance for all-round safety

  • Structures can be dismantled and relocated elsewhere

  • No maintenance costs