Industrial tensile structures

Industrial tensile structures offer an extremely advantageous and flexible option for building structures such as warehouses or storage facilities, surpassing traditional masonry roofing in many aspects. Due to their lightweight nature and ease of installation, they are less costly and require significantly reduced timelines. Moreover, they provide considerable improvements in energy efficiency and allow for complete versatility of use. If necessary, the structure can be easily dismantled and relocated elsewhere as needed. With over 40 years of experience, Favaretti Group has completed numerous tensile structures for a variety of needs, applying the most suitable solution each time with maximum customization.


The installation of a Favaretti Group industrial tensile structure brings various benefits, including:


Free-span Design

Maximizing storage capacity by utilizing all available space

luminosita naturale

Natural Light

Utilizing sunlight for increased energy savings


Total Flexibility

For relocating the covering as per requirements

Industrial tensile structures for industries and goods storage

Favaretti's industrial tensile structures can address diverse aesthetic and organizational needs, making them ideal for covering areas designated for goods loading/unloading, storage, and material processing, ensuring maximum safety for employees and optimal protection from the elements.

Advantages of Favaretti Group's industrial tensile structures

  • No Masonry Work: Avoids lengthy and expensive construction work by directly fixing the structure to the ground with special drills (where possible).
  • Reduced Timelines and Costs: Industrial tensile structures can be erected quickly and at low assembly costs, offering an unbeatable alternative when time constraints or complex construction works are prohibitive.
  • Less Bureaucracy: Tensile structures require fewer bureaucratic procedures compared to traditional structures.
  • Fully Tailored: Each project is meticulously studied and customized to meet the client's requirements.
  • Quality and Safety: Favaretti Group's industrial tensile structures adhere to the highest quality standards and safety regulations.
  • Fixed and Retractable Works: With structures not subject to design constraints, both fixed and retractable projects of any size and shape can be accommodated.
  • Sturdiness: Rigorous attention to design and the use of premium materials ensure that Favaretti's industrial tensile structures rival traditional masonry works in solidity. These structures are certified and guaranteed to withstand snow, wind, and seismic loads as per legal requirements.
  • Brands and Certifications: These structures are CE marked according to EN 1090-1 mandatory and referenced by the NTC 2018 and D.LGS 106/2017 in compliance with EU Regulation No. 305/2011.


Types of industrial tensile structures


Insulated Rigid Panels

These industrial tensile structures allow for the creation of actual warehouses, with the advantage of requiring lower investments and significantly shorter timelines compared to traditional concrete warehouses. Options include textile PVC cover membranes or cladding with sandwich panels, known for excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, transforming storage facilities into comfortable and secure workplaces.


Vehicle Entry Gates and Rapid Doors

An ideal solution for heavy vehicle entry and exit within one's premises. Custom-made entry gates can be installed on any building, with options including rigid panels, vertically folding panels, motorized with photocell, or manual. All options are approved to offer maximum resistance even to heavy snow loads and strong wind gusts.

anti condensa

Anti-Condensation Suspended Ceiling

This application protects machinery and equipment from moisture-induced damage. It involves inserting a second membrane inside the warehouse or building capable of completely eliminating condensation effects, simultaneously improving the structure's climate in both summer and winter.

Technical features of Favaretti Group's industrial tensile structures

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Thanks to hot-dip galvanization treatment.
  • Quick Installation and Light Foundations: Ensuring fast setup with light foundations.
  • Durable Textile Membrane: Tested to withstand long-term use.
  • Demountable and Relocatable Works without Constraints: Offering flexibility in relocation.
  • Excellent Fire Resistance for 360° Safety: Adhering to all current regulations at every stage of work.
  • No Maintenance Costs.