Equestrian tensile structures

In order not to be stopped by unpredictable weather and to be able to train all year round, the ideal solution is to equip your riding arena with a roof. The best choice to achieve this in a short time and without the costs of a more demanding masonry construction are Favaretti Group's innovative riding hall tensile structures. Thanks to the first-class materials used, they are extremely robust but at the same time lightweight and easy to dismantle.


The main benefits of installing a riding hall marquee include:

risparmio energetico

Large energy savings

Harnessing sunlight

opere edilizie

Immediate installation

Installation within a few weeks of order

progettate su misura

100% customisable

They are totally custom-made

Advantages of professional riding covers

  • Innovative anchoring system that does not require masonry work, reducing installation time and costs.
  • High weather resistance: these tensile structures are made to last, as they are made of materials that can withstand any weather and climate condition, even the most extreme.
  • No central encumbrances: they can support high snow loads without the use of unsightly and cumbersome central tie-rods, leaving full freedom of manoeuvre for users and animals.
  • Covering with individual removable PVC sheets: a cost-effective solution that allows maximum modularity and low maintenance costs, as the sheets can be replaced, cleaned or repaired individually quickly and easily without dismantling the entire structure.
  • Maximum brightness: the covers allow natural light to penetrate inside the riding arena, keeping the environment bright for the maximum comfort of horses and riders.
  • Extensive customisation: Favaretti designs tensile structures according to the specific needs of each riding arena. the customer can choose every detail to achieve an entirely customised result.

Roofs for riding stables without any masonry work

The effective dry anchoring system directly on the ground is an extremely advantageous solution compared to traditional techniques:

  • It avoids the need for any masonry work.
  • Allows significant cost savings.
  • Optimises installation time.
  • Resists the weather without having to install side walls.
  • Accelerates obtaining permits.
  • It is also feasible in areas subject to environmental constraints.

Maximum load-bearing capacity

These tensile structures for riding arenas, made entirely of hot-dip galvanised steel, are safe and solid, and at the same time flexible and modular. In contrast to classic aluminium canopies, they ensure real resistance to snow loads imposed by local regulations, even without the use of central tie-rods.

Total guarantee

All Favaretti Group riding hall covers are accompanied by a technical report signed by a qualified engineer, including certification of the materials used and all necessary guarantees.

Why choose Favaretti riding arena canopies

A riding arena marquee from Favaretti Group is an ideal solution for those who wish to protect their riding arena from bad weather with a reliable, versatile and elegantly designed cover.

What Favaretti Group guarantees:

  • Covered riding arenas with a light anchoring system without curbs or concrete plinths, making it easier to obtain permits.
  • Canopies with free span width: they can easily exceed 50 metres without central encumbrances and ensure maximum freedom of movement.
  • Tensostructures without awkward tie rods or ropes installed across the width of the pitch (unlike aluminium structures).
  • Double-curved shaped roof membrane: maintains perfect stability even in very strong gusts of wind. It also avoids annoying noises inside the pitch (impossible with classic aluminium structures).
  • Technical report signed by qualified engineer guaranteeing real resistance to snow, wind and seismic shocks, according to current regulations.