Pool cover rollers

The extensive range of pool cover reels in the Favaretti Group catalog, specifically dedicated to private pools, allows you to find the ideal solution for your pool.

The company offers various models of pool cover reels: from classic manual reels to motorized ones, to wall or ceiling applications. Great attention and listening to the individual customer's needs have enabled the company to develop products that bring real benefits to each home, from heat retention pool covers to the reels themselves. Purchasing one inevitably implies the purchase of the other, as having a cover without the proper reel prevents its full utilization.

Uses of the pool cover reel

In terms of performance, each Favaretti Group reel allows for easy and effortless movement of the pool cover over your pool.

Models of pool cover reels

Given the variety of private pools, it's not easy to find reels that meet individual needs. Moreover, as tools that occupy space, choosing the model that best fits your home's context is crucial. At Favaretti Group, there are various types of pool cover reels available: ground, wall, ceiling, and more.

Cover SERIE ELLE - Avvolgitelo per piscina | Favaretti Group

Fixed reels for pool covers

The fixed model of Favaretti brand pool cover reel, perfect for hanging on the wall or ceiling. It combines aesthetics with functionality, reducing space and increasing comfort.

Cover SERIE CF - Avvolgitore telo piscina privata | Favaretti Group

Manual reels for isothermal covers

For small to medium-sized pools, Favaretti's CF series pool cover reel is the most suitable aid. Equipped with four swivel wheels, the reel facilitates the daily movement of the pool cover.

Cover SERIE ECO-R EL - Rullo avvolgi telo piscina | Favaretti Group

Reels for isothermal covers

This line of pool cover reels is specifically designed for handling isothermal covers for smaller pools.

Cover SERIE ROLL - Rullo avvolgitore per piscina | Favaretti Group

Mobile reels for pool covers

The Roll series pool cover reel from Favaretti is intended for manual movement of covers for small private pools.

Pool cover reel: how it works and its advantages

The reels are used to move isothermal covers whose benefit is to eliminate the evaporation of water from an uncovered pool. This is an action to be performed day after day during the hotter season when this risk is present. Moving isothermal covers with specific reels is not recommended in bad weather, as this type of cover is not anchored to the perimeter but rests on the pool's surface.

Pool cover reels are essentially divided into two major categories: manual and automatic reels. The former are operated by a simple crank movement, allowing the pool cover to be spread or retracted without any effort. Automatic reels, on the other hand, are operated by a button, further increasing the ease with which the cover can be moved.

Favaretti Group's reels can consist of various structures, fully customizable. Whether your cover is 2 or 7 meters, round or rectangular, it will be spread and retracted effortlessly and impeccably.