Winter pool covers

Favaretti Group's winter covers are an essential accessory to keep your pool and its surfaces clean and orderly during the off-season.

Beyond the standard protective covers, the company also offers solutions that are both aesthetically striking and designed to prevent tragic accidents caused by children and pets falling in. Favaretti Group’s winter pool covers are custom-made using the finest materials available, are easy to install, and require no special maintenance. Another functional option for isothermal pool covers, when simple and safe management is needed, is the pool cover reel.

Safety and cleanliness of Pools: Favaretti's covers

Every winter pool cover from Favaretti Group can be customized, creating products that are tailored both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Winter covers for private pools are indeed the accessory that will keep your pool safe throughout the period of disuse.

Winter can be a challenging time for a pool: bad weather and dirt are the main enemies of its well-being. Furthermore, children and pets continue to play outdoors during this time, so there’s a risk they might slip and fall into the water. Therefore, investing in a pool cover, especially a winter version, becomes crucial for anyone who owns a pool.

Models of Winter covers for private pools

Favaretti Group understands how unique each pool is: round, rectangular, various sizes, inground or above ground, indoor or outdoor. Consequently, it’s vital that a winter pool cover not only provides maximum protection for the pool but also complements the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. To meet all these needs, Favaretti Group has developed over the years a wide range of pool covers, enriching them with the best technologies and excellent quality products.

Cover ISOLA - Copertura a terrazza per piscina mobile | Favaretti Group

Walkable pool cover

A true movable floor that can cover the pool in seconds with a motorized system.

Cover coperture invernali - telo impermeabile per piscina | Favaretti Group

Waterproof pool covers

Nothing can affect the pool if protected by a Favaretti Group waterproof winter cover.

Cover AIRTEX - Copertura gonfiabile per piscina | Favaretti Group

Inflatable winter pool covers

Airtex is Favaretti Group's inflatable winter cover that prevents the accumulation of debris and water on the pool’s surface.

Cover POOLGARD - Copertura piscina a barre 4 stagioni | Favaretti Group

Bar cover for pool

The 4-season Poolgard cover combines the benefits of 3 covers in one product: isothermal, winter, and safety.

Cover COVERALL - Coperture piscina calpestatile PVC | Favaretti Group

Automatic pool cover

Convenience, safety, and elegance, this is the trio that defines the 4-season Coverall cover. Favaretti Group has developed a 100% automatic pool cover.

retintex v2

Winter filtering pool cover

Retinex is the winter cover that, thanks to its net system, filters and protects the pool, while also safeguarding people and animals.

Pool Safety, cleanliness, and savings: why choose Favaretti

 A winter pool cover from Favaretti Group is not just an accessory, but a real investment for the protection of people and the conservation of your pool. Nothing can prevent accidental falls, filtration of dirt and debris, or evaporative processes quite like a pool cover that combines functionality with aesthetic taste.