Winter Covers

Winter debris covers are a necessary accessory for your pool to maintain its surface clean throughout periods in which it is not used, protected from debris, dirt and frost.

As well as our classic protective covers, we provide solutions that, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, are designed to avoid tragic accidents caused by children's and pets' accidental falls.

Favaretti Group’s winter debris covers are completely custom-made with the best available materials, they are easily installed and do not require out-of-the-ordinary maintenance. They adapt perfectly to pool of any size, helping you keep your pool’s elegance unaltered 365 days a year. Leaving your pool uncovered means accelerating the aging process and putting your loved ones in danger!

Coperture piscina invernali e di sicurezza | Favaretti Group

Cleaning & saving

Keeping your pool free from debris, leaves, and insects throughout the winter months is a common issue pool owners have to deal with. Not to mention the effects of photosynthesis… Leaving your pool uncovered during the winter months means having to spend lots of money and time to clean it and replace the water once it is ready to be used again in spring.



Some winter debris covers are designed to withstand the weight of a child or pets that might accidentally fall over them. The resistant materials with which they are built and the tested anchoring systems guarantee excellent levels of safety.

Don’t let your pool become a potential danger: cover it with a safety, winter debris cover.



Don’t let your pool become an unhealthy swamp, ruining the aesthetic and innate elegance of your pool. Leaving your pool uncovered results in the inevitable formation of algae and microorganisms. With a simple, matt winter debris cover you can keep your garden in excellent condition, protect the surface of the pool and make the most of your time and your investment.

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