Bar cover for pool

Poolgard: the manual bar cover

The made in Italy manual bar cover that provides the same benefits as three different covers.

POOLGARD - Copertura piscina a barre 4 stagioni | Favaretti Group
POOLGARD - Copertura piscina a barre 4 stagioni | Favaretti Group

POOLGARD is the unique pool cover that can guarantee the same benefits as three specific covers:

- Heat retention cover in summer: blocking evaporation, POOLGARD will keep the water temperature constant.

- Winter debris cover in winter: throughout the months in which the pool is not in use, it will be protected from debris, the formation of algae, and other microorganisms.

- Safety cover: it protects your family as it can withstand the weight of children and pets.

Adaptable to most existing pools, POOLGARD is made of a robust reinforced PVC fabric and aluminium bars that can be replaced individually on site if necessary. This advantage means that you do not have to deprive yourself of the cover in the event of breakage and, at the same time, you are guaranteed an unquestionable aesthetic appeal 365 days a year! Two models available: STRATEX EASY (the perfect solution for provate pools of small dimensions and not particularly exposed to bad weather) and STRATEX SPECIAL (very resistant to wind thanks to a greater number of anchor points; ideal for pools that are notably exposed to atmospheric agents).


Full safety

for children and pets

protezione vasca

Pool protection

the pool is clean in every season


Evaporation block

and reduced heat loss

Colors and finishings



Light Green/Sand


Dark Grey/Sand


MOD STRATEX - Technical details

  • 600-650 g/m² PVC fabric with anti-abrasion treatment and anti-tear reinforcement

  • Average cover weight: 1150 g/m²

  • Anodised aluminium bars

  • Anchorage: on the short sides with nylon stud bolts, retractable pegs and stainless steel tensioners. Elastics and interlocking pegs on the long sides (anti-weather kit)

  • Standard handle-operated

  • Optional motorised rolling systems