Agricultural Tunnels

For all industries and companies in the agriculture and livestock sector requiring additional spaces to manage their activities, agricultural tunnels are the ideal solution. They provide solidity, resistance, and durability while offering the advantage of lower costs and quick installation, with a significantly higher cost-benefit ratio compared to potential masonry solutions. Favaretti Group's expertise in tensile structures extends to agricultural tunnel coverings, designing a wide range of structures customized to the specific requirements of clients.


Here's what to expect from a Favaretti Group agricultural tunnel:

tubolare acciaio


Ensuring immediate installation with maximum safety, thanks to the robustness of galvanized steel tubes.

opere edilizie

Immediate installation

No masonry work required


Maximum security

Structures equipped with certifications and warranty as per regulations

Possible applications of Favaretti Group's agricultural tunnels

Favaretti Group's agricultural tunnel coverings are constructed using robust galvanized steel tubular bars, economical and easy to assemble. They are ideal for various needs, including:

  • Livestock shelters and protection (for poultry, rabbits, goats, sheep, or cattle).
  • Shelter for machinery and working tools.
  • Workshop for equipment repair.
  • Storage area for preserving products such as forage, hay, wheat, or maize.
  • Shelter to preserve delicate crops.


Why install an agricultural tensile structure

Agricultural tunnels enable:

  • Extending the growing season by allowing the planting and growth of certain fruit, vegetable, or floriculture species even during periods of unfavorable external weather conditions.
  • Increasing production by protecting crops from potential damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Improving crop quality by safeguarding them from pests and diseases.
  • Protecting equipment, livestock, and harvests from external and harmful agents.
  • Enhancing business operations by covering any outdoor area to better utilize spaces even in inclement weather conditions.


Tailored agricultural tunnels

Year after year, Favaretti Group has developed increasingly efficient techniques and devices, culminating in a ground anchoring system using stakes, ensuring maximum stability and reliability without the need for masonry work.

The hot-dip galvanized steel arch modular structure can have variable sections and thicknesses, and the end caps can be open or closed, all according to the client's needs.

Each Favaretti agricultural tunnel comes with a technical report, as well as certification regarding the materials used and a warranty against snow loads and wind gusts, as per current regulations.

Available agricultural tensile structure options

Arch Tunnels

Curved in shape, comprising a series of arches connected by corrosion-resistant tubulars. The cover consists of fire-resistant, waterproof PVC sheets, available in various colors, highly resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.

gamba dritta v2

Straight-Legged Tunnels

Rectangular or square in shape, also made up of a framework of zinc tubulars, covered with fire-resistant PVC panels, waterproof, highly resistant to loads, and climatic fluctuations. Color options are available for the cover.

Accessories available upon request

  • Polyethylene textile membrane cover
  • Custom width when not within standard dimensions (6, 9, or 12 meters)
  • Modular length according to requirements
  • Fixed end cap in fully closed PVC-coated fabric
  • Openable end cap in PVC-coated fabric like a curtain
  • Sliding end cap with two leaves (with steel frame and PVC padding)
  • Vertical columns (height according to needs)
  • Micro-perforated PVC panels on end caps for air recirculation
    Translucent PVC strip on the ridge for natural internal lighting
    Transparent PVC windows