Waterproof cover for public pools

Waterproof cover: essential for outdoor pools

Impermeable winter debris covers are an essential accessory for all swimming centres equipped with outdoor pools.

Coperture impermeabili piscine per l’inverno | Favaretti Group
Coperture impermeabili piscine per l’inverno | Favaretti Group

Winter debris covers for public pools are characterised by an opaque structure that completely stops sunlight from reaching the water and therefore stops the formation of algae and microorganisms throughout the winter.

All this allows you to save large sums of money in cleaning, water top-ups and measures to restore the pool in time for the bathing season.

Made with the best available materials on the market, they are extremely resistant to rips, durable and can easily withstand heat and frost. Easy and quick to move, impermeable covers do not require particular maintenance if not the occasional check-up to ensure that excessive weight of rainfall doesn’t lower and damage the cover.

Unshrinkable, stabilized against UV and chlorine, they are available in different models with different weights and anchoring systems.

protezione vasca

Pool protection

a cleaner pool

installazione immediata

Easy to install

and simple maintenance


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