Automatic slatted pool covers

Slatted cover: the automatic rigid covering system

The automated covering system with rigid slates guarantees constant safety, 365 days a year.

Copertura piscina a tapparella automatica | Favaretti Group
Copertura piscina a tapparella automatica | Favaretti Group

The installation of an automatic rigid cover is the best possible solution to protect your family and make the most of your investments, guaranteeing that your pool remains a place of leisure and fun overtime!

The cover, indeed, guarantees full protection all year round: in summer it drastically reduces evaporation whilst in winter it protects from atmospheric agents, keeping the pool in optimal conditions. The automated slatted covers for pools are specifically designed to reduce maintenance costs up to 60% for both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

The automated covering system with rigid slates guarantees the utmost safety on several fronts thanks to the high resistance of the PVC tiles with which it is made. Manufactured in full compliance with European safety regulations and the Italian UNI11718 regulation on swimming pool covers, the slatted cover systems for swimming pools proposed by Favaretti do not neglect the aesthetic aspect, allowing customers to choose among a variety of standard and custom colours.

Automatic slatted covers are suitable for both existing pools as well as those under construction. Their main advantage is their perfect adaptability to any shaped pool thanks to the fact that you can completely customize the cover profiles according to your needs.

If you have a pool or you are planning to get one, remember: a pool without a cover is like a house without a roof!


Full safety

for children and pets


Full automatic

easy to handle

progettate su misura

100% Custom-made

to suit every need



The roller is installed in a separate tank from the main pool, completely hidden from the view to ensure complete discretion and elegance. In case the cover requires assistance, you won't need to empty the whole pool but just the shutter compartment.

The gear motor is placed in an adjacent dry compartment to the reel. The grating can be lined with IPE wood or wood-like composite slats in a variety of colours (WPC). Suitable for newly built pools or pools undergoing renovation.


Winding system positioned inside the pool on the headwall and protected by a submerged bench made of a sturdy PVC frame and slats (colour white or on request). Tubular gear motor or, where possible, housed in an external sump.

Ideal solution for existing pools.


A closing system that is completely hidden from view, characterised by the complete integration of the winding system in the context. Installed underneath the pool deck and protected by a door covered with PVC, IPE wood or WPC slats, it allows the overflow to be maintained on all 4 sides of the pool. This model is equipped with a new safety kit, an innovative mechanism that is able to close the shutter compartment in complete autonomy, preventing any possible risk of entrapment. Best suitable solution for new pools.


System recommended for round or asymmetrical pools with the rolling system located under the pool floor and protected by an automatic door.


Without a doubt one of the most aesthetically appealing and technically interesting solutions! The rolling mechanism is hidden in a compartment in the sidewall of the pool and the gear motor is placed in a separate, dry compartment adjacent to the pool. The rolling mechanism is protected by a panel that can be covered with the same material as the pool.

An ideal solution for new pools. The construction of the recess on the end wall allows the overflow to be maintained on all sides of the pool! The rolling mechanism is 100% hidden and the whole system is fully integrated in the context.


The ideal, elegant solution for a perfect integration of the cover with your pool. The rolling mechanism is installed in a compartment beneath the underwater stairs. The pool space is maximized by utilizing the area occupied by the rolling mechanism as an underwater platform. Available with tubular gear motor or located in adjacent, dry compartment.


This completely submerged rolling system allows existing pools to be covered without the need for masonry work. Usually fitted with a tubular motor. 


A covering solution suitable for existing pools. The rolling kit is installed by the pool without having to make any changes to the structure. Cheap and easy to install. On request: supporting bench covered with wooden, PVC or WPC slats.


Tapproll profiles

Shockproof and stain-resistant PVC profiles. Available in 4 standard colours (more RAL colours on request). Recommended for both indoor and outdoor pools.

Energy profiles

PVC slats with air chambers filled with closed-cell polyethylene foam to ensure total unsinkability and excellent thermal insulation. The increased buoyancy compared to classic profiles ensures further protection against accidents resulting from accidental falls. The PVC profile (77 x 15 mm) is sealed with ultrasonically welded caps to ensure the best possible performance in all conditions.

Polycarbonate profiles

Transparent polycarbonate profiles. The very high-quality materials ensure an unparalleled life expectancy while combating aging and discoloration. They can also be installed in outdoor pools and have a 3-year warranty.