Heat Retention Covers

Would you ever buy a house without a roof? A house without windows or doors? Well, that would definitely be fascinating, but surely inefficient and unhygienic. Try to imagine the heating bill and the amount of cleaning required… unbearable!

It’s the same for the pool: throughout the day, water absorbs the sunlight and it warms up, providing ideal comfort for swimmers. Overnight, if the pool is not adequately covered, the accumulated heat dissipates by means of evaporation (70%), convection, and radiation. Evaporation, which is by far the most common phenomenon occurring in pools, as well as being responsible for dispersing large amounts of energy, increases the need to topwater up and consequently increases the need for chemical products. Our heat retention covers are designed to avoid this and have many advantages.

Copertura isotermica piscina su misura | Favaretti Group

Water and energy saving

By blocking the evaporation of water, they maintain the water temperature and reduce the amount of topping up required, resulting in significant energy and water savings. 


Outdoor Pools - Extended Season

Outdoor pools are particularly prone to heat dissipation overnight and tend to lose all the heat they accumulate throughout the day. A heat retention cover will allow you to extend the bathing season and make the most of your pool all year round, as you will be able to open it sooner in spring and close it later in winter.


Indoor Pools - Saving on energy and heating

Although indoors pools are not subject to the same temperature fluctuations as outside, indoor covers have to face water evaporation more fiercely. As well as being the main cause for heat losses and consequently more money spent to heat the facility, water evaporation requires ventilation systems to be on 24/24h to control the internal humidity. Without an adequate dehumidifying system the high levels of moisture can cause serious structural damage. The energy necessary to power an adequate ventilation system adds to the already high operational costs of the pool. By means of a heat retention cover you can halve heating costs and drastically reduce electricity consumption.


Decrease in maintenance costs

A heat retention cover also protects the pool from leaves, insects, branches, dust that inevitably contribute to increasing maintenance costs. The use of an adequate heat retention cover that blocks water evaporation by more than 98%:

  • Halves the costs of water heating.
  • Reduces the consumption of chemical products by 35-40%.
  • Reduces the need to top water up by 50%.
  • Reduces the time needed to filter/pump water into the pool by 50%.
  • Keeps cleaning and maintenance costs down.

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