Heat retention pool covers

Would anyone ever buy a house without a roof or without windows and doors? The same principle applies to your pool. That's why using isothermal pool covers is essential.

Not installing a pool cover leads to costs like constant water top-ups and heating expenses due to evaporation. Favaretti Group’s pool covers, especially the isothermal ones, are designed precisely to prevent all this.

Favaretti Group’s isothermal covers for private pools

Summer is the time when evaporation is most frequent, both because the sun tends to heat the pool water more and due to the thermal shift between day and night. Acting preventively by using a heat retention pool cover is undoubtedly the solution to enjoy all the benefits a pool can offer while reducing its maintenance.

Custom isothermal pool cover models

For 40 years, Favaretti Group has been producing only the best pool covers, guiding each customer from the design phase to installation. Offering a complete service through a single point of contact is definitely one of the advantages that make the company a benchmark in the sector since the early 1980s. There are various models of isothermal pool covers to choose from to protect your pool.

Cover copertura isotermica a bolle per piscina | Favaretti Group

Bubble heat retention pool cover

Practical, lightweight, yet always high-performing. Favaretti Group’s bubble isothermal covers offer the best value for money for small and medium-sized pools.

Cover Copertura a schiuma per piscina interrata | Favaretti Group

Multi-layered foam pool cover

The multilayer foam isothermal covers are Favaretti Group’s flagship product in thermal insulation and energy saving, built with highly efficient materials.

Cover copertura piscina a tapparella automatica | Favaretti Group

Automatic slatted pool covers

365-day safety: this is the main feature of Favaretti’s isothermal shutter covers. Impeccable aesthetics, ease of use thanks to automatic movement, and reduced management costs, all with a single cover.

What are the best features of an isothermal pool cover

During the day, the water absorbs solar rays and warms up, ensuring ideal comfort for swimmers. However, at night, if the pool is not adequately covered, the accumulated heat dissipates into the environment mainly through evaporation, leading to a loss of nearly 70%.
By using a custom isothermal pool cover, it is possible to reduce this percentage, saving significantly and reducing water waste.