Public swimming pool covers

Favaretti Group boasts an extensive selection of winter covers for public pools, designed to safeguard the facility during the colder season, thus cutting down on costs at the time of reopening.

For the effective management and reduction of maintenance costs in keeping the pools of a swimming center healthy, it's advisable to not only equip with heat retention covers for public pools but also with tarpaulins for their winter coverage. Beyond economic aspects, Favaretti Group also focuses keenly on the safety of each swimming facility, whether it's a sports center, hotel, or residence. The winter covers are engineered with features that ensure safety after their installation and use, preventing tragic accidents.

Why winter pool covers for public pools are important

With the onset of winter and adverse weather conditions, outdoor pools are less frequented and more prone to getting dirty. This means that, upon reopening, significant time and costs are involved in cleaning them and in expenses related to water replacement and purchasing chemicals. However, this can be circumvented by adopting preventive measures like the purchase of tarpaulins for public pool coverage.

With 40 years of direct field experience, Favaretti Group has developed various pool cover models, continually enhancing their features with greater precision.

Winter cover models for public pools

For all swimming centers with outdoor pools, the purchase and use of winter tarpaulins for their coverage are vital. Equally crucial is that each center finds a cover model that truly ensures protection from external elements and safety, particularly when not in use. On Favaretti Group’s platform, different types of pool cover tarpaulins can be chosen and customized, with their technical specifications easily accessible in the online catalog.

Cover coperture impermeabili piscine per l’inverno | Favaretti Group

Waterproof cover for public pools

Favaretti has designed the opaque structure of these winter tarpaulins for public pool covers to prevent algae and microorganisms from forming in the water during winter months.

Cover telo per piscina su misura con sistema filtrante | Favaretti Group

Filtering cover for public pools

Designed with a cutting-edge filtering structure, the Retinex cover is one of Favaretti Group's flagship winter pool cover tarpaulins, excelling in safety, economic, and ecological aspects.

Advantages of tarpaulins for public swimming pool coverage

Favaretti Group’s winter pool covers are unequivocally the ideal solution for swimming centers seeking to protect their pools from dirt and any other factors that might impair their functionality.