Winter & Safety Covers

Winter & Safety Covers for public pools

A wide range of impermeable and filtering covers allow you to keep your pool sheltered throughout the winter and eliminates costs needed to restore your pool to its normal functionality (cleaning and water top-ups) when you re-open your pool for use.

We pay special attention to the safety of your swimming centre, sports facility, hotel or residence: the installation of an appropriate cover will prevent tragic accidents resulting from children's accidental falls.

Coperture impermeabili piscine per l’inverno | Favaretti Group

Cleaning and saving

Not taking care of your pool during the period of use would be a mistake: if you don't protect your pool during the winter months, you'll have to pay a lot of money for surface cleaning and water replacement when you reopen it. A winter cover prevents this problem by protecting the pool from bed weather, debris, and insects, making re-opening much easier and quicker. 



A hotel, a sports facility, a swimming centre must be safe for its guests. Leaving the pool uncovered during the winter months means endangering the lives of people (especially children) and animals, who could be victims of accidental falls into the pool. Our winter cover models are particularly resistant and have been designed to act as a safety cover as well, preserving everyone's safety. 

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