Multisport field tensile structure

Tensile structures for sports plants

We protect players from uncertain weather conditions

Design flexibility, speed of installation, durability, and low operating costs allow Favaretti Group to provide tensile structures for sports facilities with an important competitive advantage over traditional brick solutions. 

Tensostrutture per lo sport e impianti sportivi | Favaretti Group
Tensostrutture per lo sport e impianti sportivi | Favaretti Group

Favaretti Group's experts work side by side with the customer at every stage, from the analysis to the actual installation of the tensile structure, becoming your unique point of reference and providing smart solutions.

All covers for sports facilities proposed can be 100% customised in every structural and aesthetic detail in order to meet the needs of all sports. The translucent roofing membrane ensures excellent natural lighting and a relaxing indoor atmosphere for players. Favaretti Group's sports tensile structures can be equipped with a variety of accessories to make the gaming experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. 

All structures are accompanied by a technical report signed and stamped by a qualified engineer and a certification of material; guaranteed resistance to snow, wind, and earthquake loads imposed by local regulations.

Membrane types



The external cover membrane made of fire retardant PVC provides excellent shelter from the sun and weather.



The internal covering membrane is welded directly to the main membrane and air cushions are created by means of a system of inflating motors. A discreet insulation combined with a pleasant "quilted" effect on the cylinder and veil.



Maximum performance combined with unquestionable aesthetics: the internal membrane hides the metal structure and gives the arena an incredibly elegant look! EXCELLENT SUMMER/WINTER INSULATION and REDUCTION OF CONDENSATION.

ampi spazi

Wide playing areas

no obstacles and widths up to 60 m

progettate su misura

Design flexibility

fully customised structures

installazione immediata

Quick installation

minimal foundation works and easy bureaucratic procedures


Opzione coperture impianti sportivi | Favaretti Group 1.

Oblique header

Opzione coperture impianti sportivi | Favaretti Group 2.

Vertical header

Opzione coperture impianti sportivi | Favaretti Group 3.

Gate openings









Available options

Steel structures

Our multi-purpose sports facilities with hot-dip galvanized steel frames are designed and built completely to measure in accordance with the needs of the customer and in compliance with the quality and safety standards imposed by the regulations. Each structure can be equipped with all necessary accessories and systems: PVC or polycarbonate fabric walls, LED lighting system, condensation heating, double membrane for energy saving, and much more. The steel structure ensures extreme flexibility, combined with low costs and no maintenance over time.

Laminated wood structures

Suitable for all kinds of sports activities (swimming pools, gyms, soccer, basketball, tennis ...), they can be used for the creation of elegant indoor spaces of medium and large sizes. Each structure can be made even more comfortable and functional with the addition of accessories and equipment, available on request. The sports tensile structures with laminated wood arches represent a solution with a strong aesthetic impact and, like steel structures, can be fully customised.

Air-supported structures

Solution for temporary covering and low economic impact, the air-supported baloons do not require any rigid support structure and are supported simply by an air overpressure. Suitable for covering medium-sized areas, they can be dismantled and reinstalled in a few hours and require a limited initial investment.

Available accessories

  • Opening side walls

    The side walls allow an immediate and fast opening even with a single operator. They can be made of PVC fabric (color of your choice) with anti-wind reinforcements, an agile sliding system and openings with handles or with more elegant and high-performance rigid panels in polycarbonate, glass or opaque panels. 

  • Heating system

    The best possible choice in terms of efficiency, indoor comfort and energy saving: latest generation condensing boilers in class A with high efficiency. According to the climatic area, the internal volume and the type of membrane chosen, we will size the most suitable boiler for your needs. 

    Basement solutions with internal distribution system and wall-mounted with boiler/heat system are available.

  • LED floodlights

    The correct sizing of the projectors ensures optimal exploitation of the playing area. Let our experts guide you and complete the tensile structure with a state-of-the-art lighting system.

  • Gutters and downpipes

    Careful management of rainwater prevents the formation of unpleasant puddles of water on the exterior perimeter of the structure.