Tensile structures

From industry to agriculture, but also coverings for sports facilities, swimming pools, padel courts and much more. Favaretti Group offers certified tensile structures to cover any type of space.

The ability to create indoor areas offers multiple advantages for entrepreneurs and owners of various businesses. Favaretti Group specializes in custom design and construction of tensile structures and pool covers, tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring that every material, activity, or individual is protected.


Models of certified tensile structures by Favaretti Group


A padel court requires a different tension structure than a freight terminal, just as the openings for agricultural companies differ from those for nuclear plants. Favaretti Group designs certified tensile structures to meet these diverse needs.


cover sport 3 v2

Sports tensile structure for facilities

Covering fields for sports like padel, volleyball, tennis, or soccer with a tensile structure allows sports clubs to operate continuously, regardless of weather conditions.

Custom tensile structure design


Designing tensile structures is a complex process that requires close collaboration between the client and the supplier. Understanding the specifics of each project and its implementation phases leads to successful outcomes.

Favaretti Group also provides comprehensive support to its clients in this regard. The company's professionals guide each client from the design phase to the installation of the tensile structure, offering the best solutions in terms of quality and cost.

Having a single, experienced player in the sector ensures full satisfaction upon project completion. Recognizing this, Favaretti Group has developed in-house services to support its clients, including an internal technical office, integrated logistics, pre- and post-sales services, and assembly teams.