About us

Passion, professionalism and quality are the values ​​underlying the growth of Favaretti SRL over the years.

Its history began in 1980 when the founder Carlo Favaretti started a new business by importing the first pool covers from abroad. Over the years the company has grown by evolving and adapting to market demands, meeting needs and sometimes anticipating their needs.

The growth

The growth has seen a development of internal production and, in 2000, the acquisition of a company active in the world of tensile structures has allowed to increase production and develop new products. In addition to the construction of tensile structures for sport and industry, the Favaretti group is able to assist the client starting from the design study up to the actual installation of the work. Today, thanks to its 30 years of experience and advanced technological know-how, the group is an efficient and organized company active in two different but related sectors: swimming pool covers and tensile structures.

Technological innovation and made in Italy

Favaretti srl pays particular attention to technological innovation and to the research and development of solutions that offer high performance, excellent roofing solutions and maximum safety, with particular attention to environmental issues. The production is 100% "made in Italy" as proof of the interest and involvement of the group in the entire production cycle and its complexities. Leader in sales and distribution, Favaretti Group is able to offer an extremely complete and diversified range of products that can be used in the most varied fields of application, thus confirming the professionalism and reliability that distinguish it.

Favaretti SRL boasts a strong culture of quality that emerges in all aspects of doing business, through a constant process of innovation and development. From the careful selection of suppliers and materials up to the finished product and its distribution channels, all the steps are constantly monitored in accordance with a stringent control system that guarantees the balance between compliance with current regulations and performance requests. The Favaretti group has obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 international quality certification from the QCB certification body which guarantees the achievement of excellent organizational standards in the processes and in the focus on customers. In 2009 the company obtained the SOA certification (Certification for works and public works contracts) for the OS33 category, class II. In November 2012 the group obtained the up-grade to class IV (for the execution of public works up to € 2.5 million). All of this highlights the great commitment to careful and responsible business management.