4 Season pool covers

To ensure year-round, 365-day protection for your private pool, nothing beats a four-season cover.

The reason is simple: with a single solution, you can combine the advantages of winter models with those of heat retention pool covers. It is undoubtedly a practical, economical, and beneficial solution for preserving the health of your pool and ensuring safety, all while dealing with a single, specialized provider in the field for years.

Four-season pool cover by Favaretti Group

When deciding to build an inground pool outside or purchasing an above-ground one, the full implications are often overlooked. The choice usually falls on the pool model that best suits the context of one's garden, or one that, by size, allows for family fun.

However, when bad weather and cold days arrive, the extent of the maintenance and cleaning processes for the pool becomes a significant expenditure of both time and money. To act preventively and enjoy fresh, clean water whenever you want, equipping yourself with a pool cover is essential.

Models of four-season covers for private pools

Each four-season cover offered by Favaretti Group is designed down to the smallest detail, providing an accessory that relieves customers from the responsibility of numerous, costly, and recurring cleaning procedures. Choosing the right model, shape, and size of the four-season pool cover for your needs helps in daily life.

Cover copertura piscina a tapparella automatica | Favaretti Group

Automatic slatted pool covers

Automatic, safe, and with impeccable aesthetics. These are the main characteristics that distinguish Favaretti Group’s automatic shutter covers.

Cover COVERALL - Coperture piscina calpestatile PVC | Favaretti Group

Automatic pool cover

For an automatic cover that completely secures your pool, protecting it during the winter season, Favaretti Group's Coverall cover is the right choice.

Cover ISOLA - Copertura a terrazza per piscina mobile | Favaretti Group

Walkable pool cover

Need to optimize space in your garden but don't want to give up the pleasure of having a pool at home? Isola is Favaretti Group’s walkable cover where you can run, eat, and have fun. All with a single solution.

Cover POOLGARD - Copertura piscina a barre 4 stagioni | Favaretti Group

Bar cover for pool

Poolgard is the manual bar cover that can adapt to any pool. By customizing its colors and dimensions, it's the perfect cover to protect your pool, children, and pets.

Four-season pool cover for year-round protection

Every season brings its own set of challenges. In summer, it's evaporation and unexpected storms that threaten the cleanliness and water level of your pool. In autumn, bad weather becomes more frequent, and trees begin to shed their leaves, making it increasingly difficult to keep your pool clean. Then there's winter, when unprotected waters can become filled with algae and microorganisms. An inadequately protected pool becomes a potential hazard.

In short, taking care of your pool requires constant effort and regular maintenance, unless you equip yourself with the right tools. A four-season pool cover like those offered by Favaretti Group is the ideal companion that will reduce the effort needed to maintain and secure the pool for the entire family throughout the year.