4 Season Covers

To protect your pool from bad weather in winter or to stop water evaporation in summer, a cover brings considerable advantages in any season.

To enjoy full protection 365 days a year, nothing is better than a 4 season cover that combines the advantages of winter models with those of the heat retention ones.

Copertura piscina 4 stagioni | Favaretti Group


During summer, these covers are able to stop water evaporation and to keep the temperature constant. The result? Far fewer topping ups are required and, consequently, fewer chemicals. You will drastically reduce your maintenance costs and save money.


Protection and cleaning

Forget about leaves, dust and dirt, which can settle on the water surface especially in autumn, forcing the owner to face substantial cleaning costs when the pool is reopened. A 4 season cover gives you the same advantages as a classic winter one, and your pool will be fully protected!



All of our 4 season covers are also safety covers: this means that, in addition to the advantages in terms of savings and protection, they are also able to prevent the dangers of accidental falls. 

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