Sports tensile structure for facilities

Thanks to a broad range of tensile structures for sports facilities, any activity can be carried out without worries.

The company, a leader in the field of industrial tensile structures, for agricultural enterprises and many other areas, has established itself in the market over the years, standing out for its offerings: thanks to design flexibility, fast installation, minimal maintenance, and low operating costs, Favaretti's sports and industrial tensile structures offer a significant competitive advantage over traditional masonry structures. Moreover, all structures are CE marked according to regulations.

Favaretti's tensile structures for sports facilities: certified safety and quality

Since its inception, the company has strived to meet client needs, whatever they may be. This has led the company to take on ever-different challenges in various sectors over the last 40 years. Favaretti Group has developed custom-made solutions that have increasingly adapted to market demands, often anticipating them.

The tensile structures for sports facilities are a result of this. Their purpose is to create covered spaces that can be used for various activities, from classics like football and swimming to modern ones like padel. Regardless of their use, Favaretti's certified tensile structures are recognized for their safety and durability.

Models of sports tensile structure

There are no limits in the use of tensile structures for sports facilities: the customization possibilities of the proposed models are such that whether it’s a rectangular synthetic grass football field, a swimming facility with 5 lanes, or two padel courts, there’s a sports tensile structure capable of protecting the facilities and ensuring activity continuation even in bad weather.

Cover tensostrutture per lo sport e impianti sportivi | Favaretti Group

Multisport field tensile structure

Football, tennis, or beach sports? Whatever the game, Favaretti’s tensile structures for sports facilities are the solution. Various customization options are available: with false ceilings, insulated panels, and many more.

Cover tensostrutture per piscine in legno lamellare | Favaretti Group

Custom swimming pool tensile structures

With Favaretti’s tensile structures for sports facilities, large swimming facilities can be covered, making them accessible even in winter, during rain, or high winds.

A sports tensile structure for every need

The company isn’t just a vendor for purchasing a sports tensile structure, but is composed of expert professionals. With 40 years of experience and a wealth of field knowledge, they are available to guide each client in the choice, design, bureaucratic process, right up to the installation and construction of the structure.

The client, in fact, may not be aware of all the regulations, considerations, and types of materials and tools required for the creation and installation of tensile structures for covering their sports facilities.