Automatic pool cover

Coverall: 100% automatic safety cover

COVERALL is the perfect combination of a safety cover and an automatic cover.

COVERALL - Coperture piscina calpestatile PVC | Favaretti Group
COVERALL - Coperture piscina calpestatile PVC | Favaretti Group

COVERALL is made of a strong reinforced PVC fabric that allows a nearly hermetic closure of the pool. With just the use of a key switch, COVERALL rewinds completely in a few moments.

The COVERALL pool cover is available in both retractable and above-ground versions, and it can be perfectly integrated into existing or new pools.

COVERALL is a real safety pool cover! COVERALL uses a hydraulic motor to avoid electricity near the pool and, in addition, it guarantees full protection for children, pets,  and adults. The track sliding system, the very resistant reinforced PVC cover, and the self-locking closure allow bearing a weight of several hundred kilos.

Certified to meet the safety standards required by the norm UNI11718:2018.


Fully automatic

easy to handle


Full safety

level S3 according to UNI 11718 

integrata scomparsa

Fully integrated

hidden system

Available winding systems


Integrated system

100% hidden system, positioned in a dry basin at the head of the pool. Load-bearing grating available in IPE, WPC or PVC wood. Ideal solution for pools in design or renovation phase.

Available rails: under (for skimmer pools), flat and top.

TP-FT model

With bench

Perfect solution for existing pools. A bench covered with WPC or PVC wooden slats protects the system.

Available rails: flat.

Rail types


Top rails


Flat rails


Under rails

Colors and finishings




Light Green/Sand


Dark Grey/Sand

Technical Details

  • Anodised aluminium mast

  • Engine with hydraulic pump and support for insertion into a dry pit or fixing to floor

  • Hydraulic pipes

  • Aluminium bar at the end of the cover

  • PVC cover (580 g/m2) with anti-UV treatment

  • Set of guide rails

  • Key switch