coperture piscine estate


Summer pool covers: why it is important to use them


Pool covers are a necessary tool in winter, but their use in summer should not be underestimated....
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da campo calcetto a campo padel


How to convert tennis court or 5-a-side football field to padel court

We have already had the chance to speak about the great rise of padel in Italy and how it can be seen as an investmen...
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pannelli coibentati per coperture sportive


Insulating panels for sports covering: features and advantages

Sports facilities coveringsSports facilities coverings allow performing any indoor activity in a comfortable and safe...
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Forum Piscine 2022: we’ll be waiting for you at our stand!

After the stop due to the pandemic, we can finally start meeting in person again and doing this on the occasion of on...
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UNI 7697 2015 vetri padel


Padel court glass: the UNI 7697:2015 regulation update

The update of an Italian regulation that really interests those who are planning to realize a padel court was publish...
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bilancio fine.anno


It’s time to take stock


Like every year, the time has come to take stock of the year that is coming to an end and express the objectives ...
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