Inflatable winter pool covers

Airtex: the inflatable, safety cover

AIRTEX is the inflatable safety cover that makes rain and debris slip away.

AIRTEX - 1 | Favaretti Group
AIRTEX - Copertura gonfiabile per piscina | Favaretti Group

“AIRTEX”, inflatable cover for pools, thanks to its unique convex shape, keeps your pool clean and tidy throughout the winter months and ensures excellent safety standards against children's and pets' accidental falls.


Excellent solution for residential pools of all shapes and sizes, it is completely tailor-made. No more annoying puddles of water on your cover!


AIRTEX, the inflatable cover for pools, is made with a double layer of opaque PVC and is realized and welded using high frequencies to guarantee total impermeability and excellent resistance.


The anchoring and tensioning system, by means of eyelets on reinforced sides, marine elastics and stainless steel disappearing pegs, provide for a simple and rapid installation.



With a 220V blower included in the price, installing your pool cover will be easier than ever!

Once you have laid AIRTEX on your pool, all you have to do is inflate it enough so that rainwater and leaves can no longer deposit on it. The high-frequency welding guarantees complete impermeability throughout the whole period of use.


Anti-tipping ARIB devices for windy areas

Kit to preserve pools > 5 mt width

Concealing brass blocks



Disappearing stainless steel pegs

Concealed valve

Perimetric elastic and eyelets

progettate su misura

100% custom-made

according to customer's preferences


Full safety

for children and pets



it preserves the aesthetic of the garden

Colors and finishings



Light Green/Sand

Light Blue/Sand


Dark Grey/Sand

Technical Details

  • Double opaque PVC layer – 550/600 g/mq

  • High frequency welding

  • Anchorage with disappearing stainless steel pegs

  • Tensioning elastic

  • Protruding material Min. 50 cm per side

  • Valve Concealed