Multi-layer foam isothermal covers for public pools

Multi-layered foam cover: the solution for intense workloads

The excellence in heat retention category.

Copertura isotermica a schiuma multistrato | Favaretti Group
Copertura isotermica a schiuma multistrato piscine pubbliche | Favaretti Group

Multi-layered foam covers for pools represent the top end of the heat retention category thanks to their exceptional insulation, sturdiness and durability. Ideal for any swimming centre that holds energy saving as a necessity in the highest regard, they guarantee excellent performance and are suitable for intense workloads. They easily resist to sunlight, rips, bad weather and can be equipped with a windproof system (for outdoor pools) to avoid even the most intense gust from blowing it away.

Foam heat-retention covers are made with a 100% closed-cell polyethylene mousse with variable thicknesses. The foam is reinforced on the top part by a thick PE raffia, and on the bottom in contact with water by a nonadhesive, anti-scratch transparent film.

Multi-layer foam covers are widely customisable and adaptable to pools of any shape.

progettate su misura piscine

100% custom-made

 to suit every need



extremely robust

risparmio energetico

Great energy

and economic savings



A lacquered white cover with outstanding insulating properties that is extremely elegant, to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. Suitable in an elegant context.

Width: 7,5 mm

Colour: lacquered white/white

Temperature range: -30° +40°C

Weight: 850 gr/mq

Treatment: protection treatment against UV, chlorine and ozone.


The go-to cover: excellent insulation, impermeable to water and water vapour. Extremely durable and resistant, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming facilities of all sizes.

Width: 6,5 mm

Colour: light blue/white

Temperature range: -20° +40°C

Weight: 460 gr/mq

Treatment: protection treatment against UV, chlorine and ozone.


An affordable cover with good resistance and insulating properties.

Width: 5 mm

Colour: white

Temperature range: -20° +40°C

Weight: 380 gr/mq

Treatment: protection treatment against UV, chlorine and ozone


Top-quality, shiny, lacquered raffia cover.

Thickness: 6,5mm

Colour: light blue/white