Fixed reels for pool covers

ELLE Series fixed cover rollers

The most interesting rolling solution from an aesthetic and technical point of view. 

SERIE ELLE - Avvolgitelo per piscina | Favaretti Group
Avvolgitori per coperture favaretti

In the Elle Series rollers, the light side plates are suitable for absolutely discreet and non-invasive ceiling or wall installations. The motorised movement allows you to cover and uncover the pool in just a few moments without any effort. The ideal solution for private indoor pools! 

The ELLE series has been designed to avoid any problem in terms of space, aesthetics, and comfort. Winders applicable to the wall or ceiling are available with rollers of various sizes and can be equipped with a tubular motor to make the handling of your roof even easier.


Made with stainless steel supports and aluminum roller for greater resistance and durability!

Technical Details

  • Side supports in white powder-coated steel

  • Aluminum roller ASR up to 6 m

  • Roller heads with stainless steel pin resting on self-lubricating ball bearings

  • Crank reel

  • Set of anchors for fixing

  • Tubular gearmotor

  • Rescue maneuver

  • Remote controller