Custom swimming pool tensile structures

Covering for community pools

Structures to use the pool all year long

Favaretti Group’s fabric buildings for swimming pool facilities are designed to ensure that the pool can be used 365 days a year. Capable of adapting to specific requests, we create custom-made solutions capable of meeting any aesthetic and technical need.

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Fabric buildings are usually an extremely resistant covering membrane made in layered PVC tied to the main steel (or laminated wood) structure. In addition to steel and wood covering structures we offer other covering solutions such as air domes, equipped with any possible accessory.

Our covers are characterized by the covering membrane in fireproof PVC fabric, which is extremely resistant in time. In addition to the "standard" double membrane (with air cushions), the "special" version is available: false ceiling type, without thermal bridges between the external and the internal shell, able to guarantee energy saving higher than 50% per year (also available for air-supported structures). This solution ensures an excellent thermal insulation, a considerable reduction of the condensation phenomenon and an excellent habitability during the intermediate seasons.

Completely adaptable to different contexts (large swimming facilities or residential pools), they can be personalized in every detail. Our covers for community pools are designed in accordance with local regulations regarding resistance to snow, wind and seismic activity, and allow to continue to use the pool without having to worry about weather conditions and external temperatures. Equipped with a heating and ventilation system, side sliding walls and a removable covering membrane, they are the ideal solution in terms of reliability, safety and cost.


Installation usable all year round

and fully openable during the summer

risparmio energetico

Thermal insulation

and energy saving

installazione immediata

Quick installation

minimum foundation works and easy bureaucratic procedures

Available options



Since several years Favaretti Group designs, manufactures and installs hot-dip galvanized steel structures with removable roofing membrane for various uses. The experience gained in the field of metal carpentry, the constant technical research and the use of highly specialized personnel allow us to offer innovative solutions. 

Our structures are all hot-dip galvanized: a surface treatment that guarantees an effective anticorrosive protection to which all of our steel products are subjected.

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Laminated wood structures are designed in compliance with current regulations (snow, wind and earthquake loads) and are made on commission to adapt to the changing needs of the customer. These facilities are extremely resistant and elegant as well as perfectly suitable for the creation of indoor spaces of medium and large dimensions.




Temporary covering solution in single or double membrane, the air-supported balloons require few bureaucratic procedures and limited masonry works. The solutions offered by Favaretti Group are made in full compliance with current regulations and are equipped with CE approved equipment, systems and accessories. The membrane is made of a synthetic polyester fiber fabric, rot-proof, high strengthened and waterproofed by a coating of PVC on both sides. 


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Available accessories

  • Opening side walls

    The side walls allow an immediate and fast opening even with a single operator. They can be made of PVC fabric (color of your choice) with anti-wind reinforcements, an agile sliding system and openings with handles or with more elegant and high-performance rigid panels in polycarbonate, glass or opaque panels. 

  • Heating system

    The best possible choice in terms of efficiency, indoor comfort and energy saving: latest generation condensing boilers in class A with high efficiency. According to the climatic area, the internal volume and the type of membrane chosen, we will size the most suitable boiler for your needs. 

    Basement solutions are available with internal distribution system and wall-mounted with boiler/heat system.

  • LED floodlights

    The correct sizing of the projectors ensures optimal exploitation of the playing area. Let our experts guide you and complete the tensostructure with a state-of-the-art lighting system.

  • Gutters and downspouts

    Careful management of rainwater prevents the formation of unpleasant puddles of water on the exterior perimeter of the structure.