Pool covers

Whether it's a public or private pool, the care it requires remains the same – a responsibility for every owner. To ensure proper maintenance, Favaretti Group offers a range of pool covers suitable for any pool.

A pool serves many purposes: leisure, relaxation, exercise, but regardless of its use, one aspect to consider during its design is maintenance. The costs of cleaning, heating, or simply the time invested in its upkeep can be significant, especially without the right tools. Favaretti Group, known for designing tensile structures, also produces pool covers. Available in various models, these covers provide solutions for both large swimming facilities and private pools.

Models of Favaretti Group pool covers

Favaretti's catalog features several pool cover models, each meticulously designed with a focus on safety, protection, and savings. However, since every pool has a different shape and context, it’s essential to choose or customize a cover to meet specific needs.


Cover RETINTEX - Coperture impermeabili filtranti | Favaretti Group

Winter pool covers

Winter can be challenging for a pool due to disuse, bad weather, and inevitable dirt accumulation. A specialized winter cover is essential to keep it intact and pristine.

Cover copertura isotermica piscina su misura | Favaretti Group

Heat retention pool covers

The heat accumulated during sunny days is crucial for warming the water without external aids. However, without an isothermal pool cover, this warmth can easily dissipate.

Cover coperture piscina 4 stagioni | Favaretti Group

4 Season pool covers

A single cover can be used to protect the pool throughout the year, ensuring its safety – the four-season pool cover.

Cover rulli avvolgitori per coperture isotermiche | Favaretti Group

Pool cover rollers

Handling a pool cover can require effort and be accident-prone. This can be avoided with a pool cover reel, making the process safer and more efficient.


Cover copertura piscina pubblica inverno | Favaretti Group

Public swimming pool covers

Waterproof fabrics for pools are the ideal solution to protect outdoor pools during the winter.

Cover coperture isotermiche piscine pubbliche | Favaretti Group

Heat retention covers for public pools

Reducing the operational costs of a public pool is achievable with an isothermal cover. It prevents evaporation, halves heating costs, and reduces the need for water top-ups and chemical usage.

Cover rulli avvolgitori piscine grandi dimensioni | Favaretti Group

Pool cover reel for public swimming pools

Various models of pool cover reels are available, allowing for customization to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of your facility.

Pool covers: what they are and their uses

If you’re wondering what a pool cover is and what it does, Favaretti Group has the answers.

With 30 years of experience in designing, producing, and installing these tools, Favaretti Group offers a variety of pool covers: manual or automatic, fully retractable or visible, made from rigid materials or simple PVC covers.

Overall, Favaretti Group’s range includes safety covers, winter covers, four-season covers, and more, all sharing the common function of protecting the pool from external elements. Each model has its own unique features that set it apart. Favaretti covers are always certified for safety and quality, ensuring reliable protection in both private and public settings.