Waterproof pool covers

Waterproof covers: protection against debris and bad weather

Waterproof winter covers protect the pool from bad weather and prevent the formation of algae and microorganisms.

Coperture invernali - telo impermeabile per piscina | Favaretti Group
Coperture invernali - telo impermeabile per piscina | Favaretti Group

The classic winter pool covers: once placed on the surface of the water at the end of the summer season, they will keep your pool clean and sheltered from atmospheric agents throughout the whole period in which it is not in use.


The completely opaque structure will prevent the formation of algae and microorganisms, consequently allowing you to save large sums of money otherwise spent on cleaning, topping up the water and services aimed at restoring the functionality of the pool.


Easy and quick to install, they do not require any particular maintenance apart from the occasional check-up to make sure rainwater don’t weigh down excessively on the cover causing lowering and consequent damages.


Shrink-proof, anti-UV and anti-chlorine, they are available in various weights and with central drainage kits.

protezione vasca

Pool protection

cleaner pool

installazione immediata

Easy to install

and simple maintenance


Cheap covers

Available anchoring systems

tubolare ss


The “SS” version anchors the cover without having to do any construction work at all. The water rubes serve as practical peripheral ballasts.

occhiello O


The “O” version allows you to anchor your cover to the ground by means of an particular elastic, held tense by disappearing pegs (or ground pickets).



The “COMBI” version includes both a tubular anchoring system as one with elastics with disappearing pegs. Recommended for very windy areas.