Pool safety for kids and pets: safety covers

Owning a swimming pool is synonymous with recreation, fun and relaxation. In order for it to remain always and only a peaceful place, it is essential to take all necessary precautions to protect people (and in particular children) but also pets from accidental falls.

How to make the pool safe

Safety covers for swimming pools are the best solution to avoid any kind of danger. Providing your pool with an adequate cover does not only mean protecting it from debris and bad weather, but also and above all safeguarding the health of people and pets. This is what safety cover is for.

Inground pool safety covers

There are different models of safety covers on the market. Many of them can perform several functions in one: here are some different models of safety pools also offered by Favaretti Group.

• Rigid pool covers: automatic slatted covers

This cover model, characterized by an automated system with hidden rigid profiles, does not only guarantee the safety of people, but also considerable energy saving: acting as a heat retention cover, indeed, it reduces the evaporation of water and therefore management costs (up to 60%).


• Mesh or inflatable models: winter and safety covers

Some safety covers are at the same time winter covers, i.e. able to protect the pool during the months of inactivity. They can be made with different materials and have different shapes: RETINTEX, for example, is characterized by a very fine mesh structure that allows rainwater to filter inside the pool, leaving only leaves and debris above the cover. Inflatable covers, such as AIRTEX, allow the water to slide off thanks to the particular convex shape.

• Bar supported safety cover

It is a type of cover made with PVC (vinyl) panels and interchangeable aluminum bars for utmost practicality and customization. This model protects children and pets from accidental falls and at the same time prevents the pool from getting dirty. In summer it can also be used as a heat retention cover, keeping the water temperature constant, thus becoming a 4-season cover.

• Special models of 4-season covers

Some models of 4-season safety covers are designed to offer something more: this is the case of ISOLA, which once closed becomes a terrace you can walk on, adding to the advantages already seen also those of elegance and space protection, and COVERALL, the fully automatic 4-season cover that reaches the maximum level of protection and safety.

Private swimming pool regulations

But how to orient yourself in choosing a safety pool? How to understand what is the level of safety guaranteed by a given cover? The UNI 11718 Italian standard on pool covers can help us with this: issued in 2018, it can provide us with a useful guide. Although it is not a law and therefore does not establish any constraints, this standard provides a classification of covers based on three fundamental parameters: energy saving, protection, and safety. Each cover can have a zero, minimum, medium or maximum level of savings, protection and safety, from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 3: from S0 to S3 for safety, from P0 to P3 for protection, from E0 to E3 for energy saving. COVERALL, for example, reaches the maximum level of protection and safety. A further classification offered by the standard distinguishes rigid, semi-rigid and flexible covers depending on the level of deformation they undergo under the action of a load.

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Pool safety for kids and pets: safety covers

 Safety covers for swimming pools are the best solution to avoid any kind of danger and accidental fall and protect kids and pets.

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