Slatted covers by Favaretti Group, the result of research and innovation

Pubblished 21.12.2022 | Last updated 18.04.2024

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Safe, resistant, and comfortable, the slatted covers designed by Favaretti Group are the result of careful studies and research aimed at creating highly performing products from all the points of view.

A cover for swimming pools, in order to perform its task in the best possible way, must have precise peculiarities: it is not enough to spread a sheet on the surface of the water to obtain the protection you desire, it is essential that the cover you choose is made with special attention to the materials used, to the integration with the context, to rolling systems and so on. Always focused on innovation and research, and thanks to the acquired technological know-how, the experts of Favaretti Group are able to offer solutions to the most demanding requests also in terms of safety (Favaretti’s slatted covers are made in compliance with the European regulations regarding safety and with the Italian standard UNI8818 on pool covers) and energy saving, allowing to reduce maintenance costs by up to 60%.

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Great attention is also paid to materials: Favaretti offers different types of profiles, each made with top quality materials, from the Tapproll profiles, made in shockproof and stain-resistant PVC and available in different colours, to the transparent polycarbonate profiles that can resist to aging and discoloration, and the Energy profiles, which are characterized by PVC slats with air chambers filled with closed-cell polyethylene foam, capable of guaranteeing total unsinkability and excellent thermal insulation.

Continuous research and innovation are the hallmark of Favaretti, as evidenced also by the latest innovation of the company: the innovative machine for processing rigid profiles, a unique Made in Italy tool designed specifically for Favaretti Group that can cover the entire production cycle, from the semi-finished to the finished product.