Pool winter cover anchors: how many types?

Pubblished 29.08.2022 | Last updated 01.06.2023

Sistemi di ancoraggio coperture piscine

Just as it is important to choose the pool cover model depending on your needs, it is also necessary to carefully evaluate the anchors for the covers.

We are referring in particular to winter covers, which allow you protect your pool when temperatures get lower and bad weather comes. In order for them to fulfill their role at best, it is necessary that also anchors work in the best possibile way. Favaretti covers come with the best swimming pool anchors to guarantee extreme safety, resistance to bad weather, and total protection from dirt. 

How many types of anchors for winter covers are there? What does the choice of a model instead of another one depends on? Let’s view them to understand their peculiarities. 


Water tubes

Water tubes are based on the weight of water: they are filled with water (up to 80% of their volume) and arranged along the perimeter of the pool. It is therefore their weight that ensures that the pool cover remains anchored to the sole. This solution can be used in in-ground pools but requires a fairly wide perimeter edge (at least 75 cm). However, they cannot guarantee safety. 



A solution that allows excellent stability, anchoring with eyelets and perimeter elastic implies hooking the cover to anchors that are installed on the edge of the pool. Basically, there can be two types of anchors: pickets (which can also be driven into the lawn) or hidden pegs, inserted into the flooring so as not to hinder the passage when not in use. They are suitable for both in-ground and above ground pools.


Water tubes and eyelets together

In the case of areas exposed to strong gusts of wind, you can opt for a combined solution, using both anchoring systems at the same time. A solution recommended for areas where climatic conditions require an even more performing system.