Why to cover a pool in winter?



The time for swimming in the pool is almost over: that’s the right moment to think about the pool cover. Why to cover the pool? The advantages are evident from many points of view. Let’s see them!


What happens if you don’t close your pool?


Some might think that buying a pool cover is a significant cost; in fact, if you choose not to cover the pool in winter you’ll have to carry out maintenance works which, in the long run, will have a greater impact on your budget. Leaving the pool “open” in winter, indeed, means having to keep the filtration system active, doing all those treatments that enable you to maintain the right level of chlorine and pH, and using chemical products against the formation of algae or antifreezes in case of particularly cold temperatures. In addition to this, if you do not use a cover, periodic cleaning of the water surface must be carried out to remove leaves or debris that may deposit there.


Let’s see the advantages of a winter pool cover in details.


Benefits of covering your pool for the winter


  • Protection and saving: covering a pool means protecting it from bad weather, dirt, and debris. The most evident consequence of this is that maintenance and re-opening costs drop dramatically because there’s no need for substantial works to clean the surface and replace water.
  • Elegance: an uncovered pool, or a pool covered with a sheet that is not up to the height, also has negative repercussions on the aesthetics of the garden: dirt and algae formation make the surface of the water unpleasing to the eye, but also using a poor-quality cover might cause the formation of unhealthy pods on the surface, which also undermines the elegance of the context.
  • Safety: some models of winter covers are also safety covers, which means that they can avoid the consequences coming from the accidental fall of people (in particular children) and pets.


When should I cover my pool?


Once you have understood that a winter cover pool can be the right solution to save time and money, the first question to ask is: what is the right momenti to close the pool? The best moment is when you stop using the pool, without waiting for late autumn to come. We suggest that you install a winter cover before October.


How to cover swimming pool for winter: available models


There’s not only one type of winter cover: depending on different needs, one can choose the best model. Favaretti offers many solutions and they all have in common high quality and customization.


  • Waterproof covers: the classic winter covers; they protect the pool from dirt and bad weather with no need for special anchoring systems.
  • Safety, winter covers: models that combine the advantages of winter covers with those of safety covers, like the filtering cover Retintex and the inflatable cover Airtex.
  • 4 season cover: complete models, perfect not only for winter but for the whole year. You can choose between Isola, the sliding cover that turns into a terrace you can walk on, and Coverall, a safety model (certified S3 according to the UNI11718:2018 Italian standard) and 100% automatic.