Indoor Riding Arenas

Favaretti’s indoor riding arenas are the result of continuous investments in R&D. They differ in the world of horse-riding covers in terms of reliability, durability and elegance. Our proposed riding facilities are specially designed to fully meet the needs of enthusiasts in this discipline:

  • Indoor riding arenas with clearance widths > 50 mt;
  • Indoor riding arenas with no central space;
  • Indoor riding arenas without annoying tie rods/ropes installed on the field (typical in aluminum structures);
  • “Double curvature”-shaped cover membranes to avoid the slightest movement even in case of strong gusts of wind. A quality that prevents bothersome noises inside the field. (such processing of the membrane is not possible for the classical aluminum two gradient structures);
  • Technical documentation signed by qualified engineer with resistance guarantees to snow loads, wind and seismic activity;
  • Indoor riding arenas with “light anchoring ” without any need for welding or concrete plinths.

The innovative dry anchoring system directly to the ground helps avoid any type of masonry with consequent advantages in terms of cost savings, installation time and speed in obtaining permits. Using drills more than 1.5 meters high, we are able to ensure complete resistance to wind, even without having to install side walls.

Unlike the classic aluminum covers, our indoor fabric riding arenas, being made entirely of hot galvanized steel, guarantee resistance to snow loads as set by local regulations and are provided with material certifications, a warranty and a technical document signed by a qualified engineer.

Indoor riding arena
Why choose a tensile structure?


The strength of steel and sustainable construction

Favaretti Group’s Indoor Riding Arenas made with hot galvanized steel ensure a high resistance to corrosion and absolute safety to seismic activity. Unlike classic aluminum structures we are able to ensure full endurance to snow loads even without the aid of annoying internal tie rods. Our indoor riding arena is provided with “full clearance” to allow full freedom of movement to the users of the field.
The in-house design studio, working on commission, will help the customer with any aesthetic and technical requirements to create a unique work of undisputed prestige and value.


Absence of foundations

Regardless of the fact that the structure is temporary or permanent, constructing masonry like plinths or in reinforced concrete will not be necessary. The anchoring, upon request, will be carried out directly to the ground through the use of special drills that, unlike the “stakes” used in aluminum structures, guarantees resistance to wind, even by leaving the side walls completely open. 

Install your riding arena also in areas with environmental restrictions and reduce installation time and costs!


Removable PVC cloths: one more guarantee

In order to ensure complete modularity to your indoor riding arena and reduce maintenance costs, the cover membrane is made upon request with individual removable PVC cloths. Packaged with the exclusive “double curvature” welding process the cloths, once in place, will not pound even when exposed to strong gusts of wind.

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