Multi use arenas

Multi Sport Facilities

Favaretti Srl designs, creates and installs flexible and cost effective Multi Sport Facilities for every type of sporting activity, customizable in every aesthetic and technical detail.
All our structures are supplied with a technical report signed and stamped by a qualified engineer, with material certifications and a warranty of resistance against snow, wind and seismic activity as stated by local regulations.

Double Membrane


A covering membrane in a fireproof PVC textile – extremely resistant and durable. As well as the “Standard” Double Membrane, a “Special” version is available: a false ceiling design, without thermal bridges between the outer and inner shell for an annual saving of more than 50% on energy consumption. This solution provides for excellent insulation, a significant reduction in condensation and excellent habitability throughout most of the year. Available also for air dome.

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Extractable Cloths


Choosing the membrane with extractable cloths means you have the chance to completely uncover your pitch during the summer. Guaranteed to be completely impermeable and an important advantage for your sporting facility!


  • A double STANDARD or SPECIAL membrane (no thermal bridges) to save energy;
  • Lateral slidable walls;
  • Lighting system;
  • Dehumidifying and heating system;
  • Entrances and emergency exits;
  • Sides that can be oblique, vertical or tensioned (in order to have the whole perimeter openable);
  • Covering membrane with textile or insulating panels;
  • Covering membrane with single extractable cloths;

All of Favaretti Group’s Multi Sports Facilities are designed to guarantee resistance to snow, wind and seismic activity as stated by local regulations.

Turnkey projects


Transport, installation, lighting and heating systems, building works and changing rooms, ... All you need, a single contact: US!



In this structure the end panels close down to the ground, shielding from direct sunlight. Sliding PVC walls on the long sides.



Very versatile, it can be opened all around for ideal ventilation during the warm season.



The best possible choice in terms of efficiency, internal comfort and energy savings. Latest generation class A condensing boilers with high efficiency.

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