Inflatable Covers

Have you ever wanted to swim all year round in a crystal bubble? With CristalBall now you can.

The innovative swimming pool cover – useful and practical. Make your pool available 365 days a year without worrying about the outside temperature or bad weather. CristalBall is the ideal, cost-effective solution to make the most of your pool and your investments! The complete absence of masonry or construction work needed allows the dome to be installed without a need for authorizations or permits at an accessible cost.

You will be able to dive whenever you feel like it, all you need to do is activate the included electric blower to have your pool ready to use in just a few minutes and a relaxing leisure area at your disposal! When you don’t want to use the pool you can deflate the dome until it rests on the surface of the water, so that it can serve as a “protective cover” (against leaves and debris).

Copertura piscina gonfiabile | Favaretti Group

Air Blower & heating

An included 220V, 3 velocity air blower. It’s capable of inflating the dome in just a few minutes. Upon request a transportable gasoline-powered burner is available to warm the air and act as an air treating system.


Zip entrance & anchorage

You can access the inside of the dome via the “L” cut zip entrance, included with the dome. Upon request a double-doored AirBlock tunnel is available.

You won’t have to find a way to anchor it or have to resort to construction work, its perimetric water tubes will keep CristalBall safely anchored to the ground.


100% Custom-made

Whether your pool is irregularly-shaped or with side ladders, CristalBall will adapt to it perfectly! Thanks to an innovative computerized cutting system we are capable of designing your dome according to your needs!


Air-Block removable tunnel

You can equip CristalBall with a double door steel entrance tunnel!