4 season, automatic and safety cover? The answer in COVERALL!


Winter or heat retention cover

Every type of pool cover can meet a specific need and be good for a given season of the year: safety covers to avoid the danger of accidental falls, waterproof covers to protect the pool from debris and bad weather in winter, heat retention covers to stop water evaporation in summer and let you save energy and money.

For those who would like to have a cover that is not dependent on the season and can be used both in winter and in summer, the solution is a 4 season cover: a model that combines the advantages of winter and heat retention covers.

Automatica safety cover

COVERALL is an innovative 4 season covering system that can offer all the advantages of automatic and safety covers, too: it can be deployed and rolled in few seconds thanks to a key selector (to move it, a click is enough) and guarantees the highest level of safety according to the UNI 17718 Italian standard (S3).

COVERALL is a perfect safety cover thanks to its special features: made in a very resistant PVC fabric, it allows an almost hermetic closure of the pool and guarantees total safety to children and pets. In addition to this, the cover comes with a self-locking closing system and a hydraulic motor that make it even safer.

Covers for exiting or under construction pools

Completeness, practicality, and safety are not the only advantages of COVERALL, which is also characterized by versatility: it can be used both for exiting and under construction pools.

Here are the available rolling systems:

Fully hidden system, the best solution for under construction pools.


Rolling system protected by a coated bench which is perfectly integrated with the context, the best alternative for existing pools.

Winter, heat retention, automatic, safety covers for existing or under construction pools… many needs, one answer: COVERALL!