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Why Choose Favaretti

We make superior quality structures 

according to your geographical location


Not all structures for sport and industry are the same. When you compare Favaretti’s tensile structures to others, remember what makes us stand out:


Construction Design

  • Favaretti Group’s structures faithfully comply to regulations (N.T.C. 2008 – technical regulations for construction) and are supplied with a technical report signed by a qualified engineer.
  • All our structures are certified to resist against wind, snow and seismic activity according to regulations.
  • The majority of insurance companies don’t let you insure structures that do not align with qualified standards of safety.
  • All the components (metalwork and hardware) conform to the strictest qualitative standards and only extremely qualified suppliers are selected and used.
  • Favaretti Group’s structures are exclusively custom-made according to your technical and aesthetic demands.



  • Metallic carpentry with “Transformation Centre” certificate, UNI 3834 for extremely advanced welding processing and precision lazer cutting, allows us to construct extremely high quality, durable structures.
  • A fireproof covering membrane made with only the best available textiles in the market, a computerized cutting plotter, element modelling via software together with employment of extremely qualified staff allows Favaretti Group to guarantee our weldings a durability of least 10 years.
  • The continued resources applied to R&D have allowed us to implement innovative anchorage systems that work around bureaucratic constraints, allowing to anchor the structure directly to the ground without having to build masonry.
  •  Anchorage with drills, (unlike pegs used for aluminium structures), guarantee excellent resistance to wind.
  • The exclusive covering system with single extractable cover makes the structure completely modular and allows to significantly reduce the time needed to install and maintenance costs.
  • The innovative “double curved” cloth packaging system guarantees total immobility of the covering membranes, withstanding even tough gusts of wind.


On Site

  • Favaretti Groups’ installations are carried out by our expert technicians or by external assemblers that are constantly supervised and guided by our staff.



Favaretti’s structures are designed to last. The quality and quantity of steel we use in all our installations demonstrate this. We feel responsible to deliver an area of work/play that is safe and is in accordance with existing regulation. Our structures have a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

  • Steel is stronger and more resistant than aluminium
  • Our steel is “heat zinc-coated” for a greater life expectancy and protection against corrosion



The process of heat zinc-coating is a superficial treatment that guarantees an effective anti-corrosion protection that all our steel products undergo. Unlike traditional anti-corrosion coating that simply covers the metal, heat zinc-coating penetrates on a chemical-metallurgical level, binding steel and zinc, making the material more resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress.
Make sure that the offered protection is sufficient relative to the area in which the installation will take place. Favaretti, according to necessities, can intervene and “strengthen” the zinc-coating for particularly corrosive environments (e.g. marine…).



Favaretti Srl utilizes extremely high quality membranes in polyester with a double layer of PVC, specially designed to last and resist without a problem to mechanical stress and atmospheric agents. Our structures are defined as “tensile structures” because the covering membrane is suitably modelled with a double curvature to make it a structural element of the construction (unlike “tent structures” usually with an aluminium framework and cloth independently placed on the bearing structure. These are typically used for events such as fairs and festivals).



Unlike our competitors, Favaretti’s structures are equipped with a ventilation and air recirculation system, windows and entrances for people or vehicles of any size.

  • More than 50 mt wide without central columns, tie rods or steel cables.
  • Side heights available upon request to cover considerably sized objects (cranes, silos…).
  • The translucent covering membrane allows for natural illumination, saving you on electricity.
  • Lateral fixed or sliding walls stop wind and rain.
  • A double membrane with false ceiling to eliminate condensation, improve the internal habitability and save on heating costs.
  • Permanent or moveable structures on other sites.
  • Optional anchorage without any necessary construction work.
  • Adaptable to every industrial or sporting centre.



Favaretti’s structures are designed and created in accordance with the  “Technical Regulations for Constructions ” -NTC 2008- in accordance with all the relative laws. Our structures are designed to resist to all environmental factors in every country worldwide and are supplied with a technical report signed by a qualified engineer.

  • Snow resistance equal to 0.60kN/m². Greater loads depending on the area of installation.
  • Resistant against wind, also in outside exposed areas.
  • Resistant against seismic activity.
  • Consolidated experience in the field aided by capable and qualified engineers.
  • Technical office made up of a team of expert engineers with several years’ worth of experience in the field of tensile structures.
  • Our steel is treated according to regulations and every weld is checked with extensive tests to give you a finished product that is 100% secure.

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