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Winter & Safety Covers for Public Pools

A wide range of impermeable and filtering covers allow you to keep your pool sheltered throughout the winter and eliminates costs needed to restore your pool to its normal functionality (cleaning and water top-ups) when you re-open your pool for use.


Winter Debris Covers for Pools

Winter debris covers for pools are an essential accessory for all swimming centres with outdoor pools. The completely opaque fabric stops sunlight from seeping in and therefore stops the formation of algae and microorganisms. The cover is anchored to the ground by means of perimetric water-filled tubes (“SS” version) , or with elastics and ground tiles (“O” version).

Mesh winter safety covers for pools

The ultimate winter safety cover: made with a resistant mesh material that is extremely light, safe and easy to place. It protects the pool from dirt and simultaneously protects against children and household pets should they accidentally fall.

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