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What are the benefits of a heat retention cover?

What are the benefits of a heat retention cover?

Using a heat retention cover means: keeping your pool CLEAN throughout the summer, INCREASING THE WATER TEMPERATURE, avoiding the dissipation of heat accumulated throughout the day and SAVING MONEY.

A cover will help you keep your pool clean by stopping leaves, branches and debris in general from entering the pool. Consequently there is also a reduced need for chemical products and time spent on cleaning.
Another essential benefit is the complete blockage of water evaporation. Eliminating this phenomenon means: drastically reducing accumulated heat dissipation and less need for water top-ups.

In an outdoor pool overnight heat dissipation causes a loss of accumulated heat throughout the day and, consequently, a drastic decrease in water temperature. With a heat retention cover you can prolong the bathing season and at the same time eliminate the accumulation of debris and the formation of algae and microorganisms.


Indoor pools are not subject to the same temperature fluctuations as outdoor ones but require a ventilation system for an adequate control of humidity due to water evaporation. Without an adequate dehumidifying system the high levels of moisture can cause serious structural problems. The cost of managing an adequate ventilation system is added to the already high operating costs of a pool. Furthermore, because the air has to be cooled, it further adds to increased costs.


Air Bubble Covers

Light and maneuverable cover with excellent cost-effectiveness!

Foam Covers

Covers with excellent insulation, resistance and durability.


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