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Heat Retention Covers for Public Pools

Placing a heat retention cover on the surface of pools is the best possible measure to lower the facility’s maintenance costs immediately and without many investments!

Our hundreds of installations’ worth of experience help us guarantee an annual decrease in maintenance costs by 35-40%. Such decrease is mainly due to total water evaporation blockage and a consequent decrease in the amount of heat that is dissipated.

Heat retention covers for pools guarantee:
– A drastic reduced need to heat the water;
– A 30-50% decrease in necessary water top-ups;
– A 35-60% decrease in the need for chemical products;
– No need for dehumidifying and vacuum systems overnight;
– A greater hygiene and cleanliness.



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Air Bubble Heat Retention Covers

Favaretti Group’s air bubble covers for pools are designed to offer the best cost-effective solution.


Foam Heat Retention Covers

Easily resist to sunlight, rips, bad weather and can be equipped with a windproof system (for outdoor pools) to avoid even the strongest gusts of wind from blowing it away.


Whether your pool is indoor or outdoor, you can choose among countless rolling systems: manual or motorized, fixed or mobile, for walls or ceilings, and upon request, even disappearing under the floor tiles.


Why to install an heat retention cover on your pool?

Perché decidere di coprire le proprie vasche con una copertura? Scopri come sia facile risparmiare migliaia di euro con un investimento limitato.

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