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Cover Rollers for Public Pools

To meet all aesthetic and technical consumer needs, our cover rollers for pools are able to adapt perfectly to whatever context. Designed to meet and exceed the needs of any type of swimming facility in terms of size and workload resistance, they can also be custom-made to create the perfect solution and meet specific customer needs.

They are available in motorized, manual, moveable, fixed, wall-installed, ceiling-installed versions or even under the swimming pool floor.

Choose the roller for you:


CF Series - Mobile Rollers

The CF Series was created specifically for small-medium sized pools where a moderate amount of resistance to workloads and a good mobility is required. The standard version is manual, but can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 independent reels.

MNR Series - Mobile Cover Rollers

Mobile rollers for heat retention covers designed for public, medium-large sized swimming pools, capable of withstanding heavy workloads.


STP Series - Fixed Cover Roller

Fixed cover rollers designed for medium-large sized swimming pools that require a good resistance to intense workloads. Installable in the ceiling, wall or column, they are equipped with an electric gear motor.

Mod. PAZ FLOOR - Fixed Cover Rollers

Completely disappearing cover rollers installed under the pool, protected by a door that can be opened automatically by a series of pistons.

Mod. PAZ PANCA - Fixed Cover Rollers

Motorized cover rollers installed under a treadable platform placed at the edge of the pool. As well as completely hiding the rolling mechanism, they provide for a comfortable sitting area for swimmers.

Mobile version: Enabled