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Covers for Public Swimming Pools

Covers for Public Swimming Pools

Swimming pool covers for more than thirty years have represented the core business of the entire group, and the continuous attention we direct to the needs of swimming facility owners has allowed Favaretti Srl to establish itself as a strong point of reference in the Italian market for swimming pool covers. Aware of the high costs necessary to maintain pools and the surrounding areas in good condition, Favaretti Group has always focused on the search for the best possible solutions in terms of ENERGY SAVING.

Our hundreds of installations’ worth of experience help us assure an ANNUAL SAVING COST OF AT LEAST 40% on management costs by using a heat retention cover on your pool.

  • They eliminate more than 98% of evaporation,
  • Drastic reduction in the need to use a hot water heater during the pool use,
  • Decrease the consumption of electricity by over 50%. Dehumidifiers and vacuum systems can be switched off overnight,
  • Reduce the consumption of chemical products up to 30%,
  • Halve the time needed to filter and pump water.

Heat Retention Covers for Pools

The hundreds installations’ worth of experience help us guarantee an annual maintenance cost saving of 40%. This decrease in costs is mainly due to the complete block of water evaporation and a consequent decrease in heat dissipation.

Winter & Safety Covers for Public Pools

A wide range of impermeable, safety covers allow you to keep your pool sheltered during the winter months and to eliminate the costs of restoring your pool’s functionality (cleaning and replacing water) once it is available for use again.

Cover Rollers for Public Pools

To meet all the aesthetic and technical demands of our clients, the various series of  rollers for pool covers made by Favaretti Group are able to adapt perfectly to whatever context or demand.

Energy Saving for Pools

Public pools consume large amounts of energy. Italian owners/managers spend millions of euros every year to heat up their facilities.

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