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“Retintex” Mesh Safety Covers


RETINTEX is the ultimate winter safety cover! Made with ultra-resistant polypropylene mesh fabric, it is hand made and continuously undergoes resistance and reliability tests. All this for the safety of you and your loved ones!

The unique, very fine network structure allows rain water to filter through to the pool, leaving above only debris and leaves that will be blown away with the first gust of wind. RETINTEX, unlike other impermeable covers, prevents the formation of unpleasant and unhygienic stagnating water on the surface, leaving your garden clean and tidy throughout the whole winter.

A high quality computerized cutting system allows us to make every single cover custom-made, adapting perfectly to any size or shaped pool and, simultaneously, the innovative anchorage and tensioning system allows the cover to withstand the weight of children and household pets should they accidentally fall on the cover.

Retintex - Sicurezza EN


Whether your pool is rectangular, irregularly-shaped, with or without submerged roman stairs, with an overflow channel or a skimmer, RETINTEX will adapt to it perfectly.

100% SAFE

The incredible mechanical resistance of the material and of the double-stitched straps, and the innovative anchorage system allow RETINTEX to withstand the weight of children and household pets.


Don’t let the winter ruin your pool. Keep your garden’s elegance unaltered even during the coldest months. RETINTEX stops algae from growing and prevents the formation of stagnating puddles.



Technical Specifications:

Material Polypropylene mesh fabric
Sewing Double-stitched
Mecc. Res. CH 1500 n/5cm – T 1000n/5cm
Treatment Anti UV – CHLORINE – OZONE
Colours Green
Water Absorb. None
Temp. Res. -30°C  +60°C
 Weight 135 g/mq
Mobile version: Enabled