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Private Pool Cover Rollers

The wide range of cover rollers for private pools will allow you to find the ideal solution for your swimming facility.

From the classic manual reels to motorized ones, everything up to applications for walls and ceilings. All this with meticulous attention to reliability and discretion.


Cover Rollers - ROLL Series

The Roll Series cover rollers are specifically designed for small to medium sized private swimming pools. Light and affordable, they are the ideal solution to move your pool cover!

Cover Rollers - ECO-R EVOLUTION EL Series

The ECO-R EL Series cover rollers are designed to move heat retention covers for small sized private pools (max size 6.3 x 14.0 mt) and are equipped with a 12VCC gear motor with incorporated battery, battery charger, forward/stop/back controls and a PVC IP65 box.

Cover Rollers - ELLE Series

Without a doubt the most interesting cover rolling solution from the aesthetic and technical point of view. The light lateral plates are great for discrete and non-invasive ceiling or wall installations. The motorized movement will allow you to cover and uncover your pool effortlessly in just a few moments.

An ideal solution for private indoor pools!

Cover Rollers - CF Series

The CF Series was designed specifically for small to medium sized pools where a moderate resistance to workloads and a good level of mobility is required.

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