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Bar Supported Safety Covers: PoolGard

POOLGARD: The only 4-seasons pool covers

PoolGard is the unique pool cover able to guarantee the same benefits as three specific covers.

  • Heat retention cover during the summer: blocking evaporation, PoolGard will keep the water temperature constant.
  • Winter debris cover during the winter: throughout the months in which the pool is not in use it will be protected from debris, the formation of algae and other microorganisms.
  • Safety cover: in compliance with the NF P 90-308 normative, PoolGard can withstand the weight of a child or a household pet.


100% adaptable to irregular-shaped pools!

The panels and tubes that make up the cover are interchangeable and can be replaced, when necessary, even on the spot. This allows you to still have a cover in case of damage while it is being fixed and, in the meanwhile, guarantees an exceptional aesthetic 365 day a year!


  • Maximum security for children and household pets
  • Stops evaporation and decreases the dissipation of heat
  • A clean pool in both the summer and the winter
  • An easy and immediate use
  • Optional system motorization
  • For new existing or refurbished pools
  • For irregular-shaped or rectangular pools  (max size 11 x 5.5 mt)
  • Replaces every type of safety cover
  • Utilizable also as a winter debris cover or a heat retention cover

Advantage Model

The Poolgard Advantage barred cover is made with interchangeable panels and contours.

Starlight Model

Thanks to the overturned aluminium contours and shaped ends, rolling PoolGard is even easier!


Evolution Model

Be your pool rectangular or irregularly-shaped, with or without a ladder, with an overflow channel filtration system or a skimmer, PoolGard Evolution will adapt to it perfectly!

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