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Foam Covers for Private Pools

Multi-layered foam covers for pools represent the top end of the heat retention cover category thanks to their exceptional insulation, resistance and durability.

They are ideal for any sized swimming pool, guarantee excellent performance and are suitable for intense workloads. They easily resist to sunlight, rips and bad weather, and can be completely customized according to your pool size and shape.

Foam heat retention covers are made with a 100% closed-cell polyethylene mousse with variable widths. The foam is strengthened by thick PE raffia on top and has a transparent, anti-adherent, scratch-proof film on the bottom side that touches the water.

To make the most of a pool, you certainly can’t depend on the water temperature. Outdoor pools are prone to evaporation, heat dissipation and because they are exposed to atmospheric agents, they get dirty very easily. As far as indoor pools are concerned, usually heated by a water heater, evaporation causes a drastic reduction in the water temperature and irreversible damage to the most delicate surfaces (plaster, walls, glass…) with a consequent increase in maintenance costs. Favaretti Group’s heat retention solutions let you avoid all these unpleasant inconveniences.


Outdoor pools are particularly prone to heat dissipation overnight and tend to lose all the heat accumulated in the day.

A good heat retention cover will allow you to prolong the bathing season and to make the most of your pool all year round by being able to use it early in the Spring and postpone the end of the bathing season till the Winter.


Although they are not subject to the same temperature fluctuations as outdoor pools, indoor ones have to face the fiercer problem of water evaporation. On top of being the main cause for the dissipation of heat and consequently high heating bills, evaporation requires ventilation systems 24/24h to control humidity levels. Without an adequate dehumidifying system, the moisture levels can create serious damage to the building structure.

The energy required to power and adequate ventilation system is added to the already high operating costs of a pool.

By means of a heat retention cover you can halve the heating cost and drastically reduce the consumption of electricity.


Whether your pool is rectangular, irregularly shaped, round, with a ladder or laid out on two levels, our covers will adapt to it perfectly!

Our 30 years worth of experience and our highly qualified staff enable us to create covers that are 100% custom-made and fully meet the needs of our clients!


The use of an adequate heat retention cover, by blocking water evaporation by more than 98% :

  • Halves the water heating cost.
  • Reduces the consumption of chemical products by 35-40%.
  • Reduces by 50% the need to top up water.
  • Reduces the time required to filter/pump water by 50%.
  • Keeps maintenance and cleaning costs down


Heat Retention Cover MUSTEX on wall-installed motorized roller Serie ELLE 
Heat Retention Cover COREX6 on irregular outdoor pool 
Heat Retention Cover MUSTEX in private villa 
Foam Heat Retention Cover mod COREX on olympic sized swimming pool (San Marino) 
Foam Heat Retention Cover on half-sized olympic pool (Latina) 
Foam Heat Retention Cover on rehabilitative pool 
Foam Heat Retention Cover on small pool with ECO roller 
Foam Heat Retention Cover on small pool 
Foam Heat Retention Cover on hotel pool 
Foam Heat Retention Cover mod MUSTEX on public irregular shaped pool 

Modelli disponibili


Copertura dalle incredibili proprietà isolanti ed estremamente elegante per soddisfare anche i clienti più esigenti.
Spessore: 7.5 mm
Colore: bianco laccato / bianco
Res. Temp.: -30° +40°C
Peso: 850gr/mq
Trattamento di protezione da UV, cloro ed ozono.


Copertura di riferimento, massima coibentazione e ottima tenuta del calore dell’acqua e del vapore acqueo
Spessore 6,5 mm
Colore: azzurro / bianco
Res. Temp.: -20° +40°C
Peso: 460 gr/mq
Trattamento di protezione da UV, cloro ed ozono.


Copertura economica con buone proprietà isolanti e di resistenza.
Spessore: 5 mm
Colore: azzurro/ bianco
Res. Temp.: -20° +40°C
Peso: 380 gr/mq
Trattamento di protezione da UV, cloro ed ozono

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