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Coverall, the perfect 3in1 cover!

Automatic sliding cover COVERALL

COVERALL is a 100% automatic-safety cover realized with a reinforced PVC fabric and an hidraulic winding system able to ermetically the pool in a few seconds. COVERALL is designed for both new construction and for existing pools.

Not only easy to mantain, COVERALL will save you money by reducing your pool heating and water bills and actually provide you an ROI (Return on Investment)…in other words, a system that will pay for itself.

COVERALL is the perfect combination between a safety cover and an automatic cover




COVERALL is a system that will help keep your family, friends and pets safe and is certified to meet the safety standards required by the norm UNI11718:2018. Using an hydraulic mechanism we avoid using electricity close to the pool and alow you the easiest system to operate, but not so easy that a child can operate it without adult supervision.

Compliant with UNI11718:2018 !

Option available:

Integrated Model TP-IN

100% hidden system. Located in a dry “basin” it’s the best possible solution for new pools!

Above ground Model TP-FT

The best possible solution for existing pools. An elegant bench (finished with PVC o wood slats) protects the system.

Rails mod. UNDER

Integrated rails installed under the coping-stone.

Rails Mod. TOP

Rounded rails fixed on the pool edge. Ideal solution for existing pools.

Rails Mod. FLAT

External rails in the perimeter floor.


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