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Automatic Slatted Covers

Constant Safety, 365 days a year!

Automatic slatted covers for pools are the ideal addition to private residences, big recreational centres, spas and thermal swimming pools. The automated covering system with rigid slates guarantees the utmost of safety on several fronts thanks to the high resistance of the PVC tiles with which it is made. The cover in fact, guarantees a 360° protection all year round: during the summer it drastically reduces evaporation whilst in the winter it protects from atmospheric agents, keeping the pool in optimal conditions.
The automated slatted covers for pools are specifically designed to reduce maintenance costs up to 60% for both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.


Specifically designed to withstand heavy workloads, the automatic slatted covers are suitable for both existing facilities as well as those in construction. The main advantage is its perfect adaptability to any shaped pool thanks to the fact that you can completely customize the cover contour according to your needs.

Made in compliance with the European regulations regarding material safety, the automatic slatted covers for pools made by Favaretti do not overlook the aesthetic side, allowing clients to choose between a wide range of colours available upon request.


100% SAFE

The installation of an automatic rigid cover is the best possible solution to protect your family and make the most of your investments, guaranteeing over time that your pool remains a place of leisure and fun.

If you have a pool or you are planning to get one, remember: a pool without a cover is like a house without a roof!


Underwater Installations

If you are building your pool plan for a compartment in which to store your cover shutters, there are countless installation possibilities that can disappear completely!

Above-Ground Installations

An excellent solution for existing pools. Install your automatic cover with no construction work needed at an affordable price.


Make your pool unique! Choose the tiles more suited to your needs in the colour you like most.


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