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Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers for over thirty years have represented the core business of the entire firm, and the continued attention we address to the necessities of swimming facility owners has allowed Favaretti Srl to position itself at the pinnacle of the Italian market for pool covers. Aware of the high maintenance costs necessary to keep pools and the surrounding areas in good condition, Favaretti Group has focused its attention to the search of the best possible covering solutions in terms of ENERGY SAVING, SAFETY and CLEANLINESS.

Private Pools

As essential during the winter months as in the warmest ones, Favaretti Group’s pool covers are the ideal solution to decrease management costs, prolong the bathing season and guarantee appropriate safety.

Leaving your pool uncovered would be like building a house without a roof or windows… It doesn’t make sense!

Public Swimming Pools

A small investment capable of drastically reducing the cost of managing your swimming facility: decreased costs for heating, electricity and water.

We guarantee an average annual saving of 35% on maintenance costs! Is that enough?

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