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PoolGard Evolution

POOLGARD EVOLUTION: the custom-made cover for your pool!

Whether your pool is rectangular or irregularly shaped, with or without stairs, with an overflow channel filtration system or a skimmer, PoolGuard Evolution will adapt to it perfectly!

100% modular 100% safe  100% versatile  100% adaptable
The only barred cover with panels that can be substituted on the spot Designed to guarantee maximum safety for children and animals Replaces a heat retention cover or any kind of winter debris cover For all rectangular or irregularly shaped pools up to mt 5 x 11


Technical Specifications



650 g/m² solar or opaque PVC anti-abrasion material

Average cover weight 1250 g/m²



Double grooved anodized aluminum

Semicircle panels with a 44 mm diameter



On the short sides with nylon rods, retractable pegs and stainless steel stretchers

Elastics and snap-fit pegs on the long sides (Kit against bad weather)



Standard handle-operated (Nr. 2 for swimming pools > 50 m²)

Optional motorized systems (DRIVE COOL or DRIVE MATIC)

Mobile version: Enabled