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PoolGard Advantage

POOLGARD ADVANTAGE: Exceptional Quality, Unbeatable Price!

Poolgard Advantage

The Poolgard Advantage barred safety cover is made with interchangeable panels: a 550 g / m² PVC material (only opaque colors) and ananodized aluminum semicircle shaped contour facing upwards. Fastening and tensioning system on the short sides. No anchoring system is provided on the long sides for rapid installation and movement.

Poolgard Advantage can be used to cover irregular-shaped swimming pools using a rectangular cover in combination with the “Adaptation Kit” (depending on the feasibility).



550 g/m² anti-abrasion PVC material

Average cover weight 1150 g/m²


Single grooved anodized aluminum

Semicircle panels with a 37 mm diameter


On the short sides with nylon rods, retractable pegs and stainless steel stretchers


Standard handle-operated

Optional motorized rolling systems

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