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Fabric buildings for sport facilities

Design and construction of covers for sporting centres

Design flexibility, rapid installment, long lasting and low costs allow Favaretti Group to create Fabric Sports Buildings with important competitive advantages compared to traditional brickwork.

Our Fabric Sports Buildings are made with an extremely resistant covering membrane (or, upon request, two membranes to save energy) made in fabric that is double coated in PVC on the main structure made of steel (or lamellar wood).
This type of construction offers many advantage such: rapid installation, outstanding structural performance, minimal maintenance and low operational costs!

As well as tensile structures made of steel and lamellar wood, we offer Air Domes seasonal covers that come equipped with every possible accessory.

All of Favaretti’s Fabric Sports Buildings can be 100% customized to fit any size or shape, with the aim of accommodating every sport requirement. The translucent membrane guarantees excellent natural lighting and a relaxing internal atmosphere for the players.

Multi use arenas

Swimming pool facilities

Football facilities

Tennis court facilities



Before you buy a fabric building: Critical factors to consider!

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Why Fabric Structures?

Why choose a fabric structure over a traditional building?

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