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Fabric buildings for community pools


Favaretti Group’s Fabric Building for swimming pool facilities are designed to ensure that the pool can be used 365 days a year. Capable of adapting to specific client needs, we create custom-made solutions capable of meeting every aesthetic and technical need.


A covering membrane in fireproof PVC, extremely resistant and durable. As well as the Standard” Double Membrane, a “Special” model is available: a false ceiling design, without thermal bridges between the outer and inner shell to save more than 50% annually on energy bills. Available also for air domes.

This solution offers excellent insulation, a significant decrease in condensation and an excellent habitability throughout most of the year.

Fabric Buildings are usually an extremely resistant covering membrane made in layered PVC tied to the main steel (or lamellar wood) structure). As well as steel and lamellar wood covering structures we offer covering solutions by means of air domes, equipped with every possible accessory.

These solutions have many benefits such as: extremely rapid installation, superior structural performance, minimal maintenance and low operational costs!

Completely adaptable to different contexts (large swimming facilities or residential pools), they can be personalized in every detail.  Our Enclousures for community pools are designed in accordance with local regulations regarding resistance to snow, wind and seismic activity, and allow to continue to use the pool without having to worry about weather conditions and external temperatures. Equipped with a heating and ventilation system, lateral slidable walls and a removable covering membrane, they are the ideal solution in terms of reliability, safety and cost.

Available solutions:


Steel structures with a removable covering membrane


Lamellar wood structures with removable covering membrane.


Temporary covering solution with single or double membrane.


Lamellar Wood Swimming Pool enclosures 
Lamellar Wood Swimming Pool enclosures 
Air dome for pools with double membrane 
Swimming Pool Structure with removable covers for the summer 
Steel Pool Structure with false ceiling  
Steel Pool Structure with false ceiling  
Steel Pool enclosures 
Air dome for pools with double membrane  
Air dome for pools with double membrane  
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